In the documentary Dark Side of the Moon
Rumsfield, Kissinger, Haig and others laughingly give interviews
describing how and why they faked the moon-landing photos.
~ plot synopsis*


The following is an email exchange between a reader and myself:

To Orwell Today:

Dark Side of the Moon is a HOAX documentary. It is ACTORS playing CIA, KGB, astronauts, and Nixon's secretary spliced together with clips of government officials. NONE of the government officials make ANY of these claims. They are merely half sentence soundbytes pieced together to support the ACTOR'S SCRIPTED CLAIMS. The ending credits clearly show the actor's flubbing up on their scripts to a vaudville comedy tune!! The WEBSITE of CBC's Passionate Eye states this plainly,

"A subtle blend of facts, fiction and hypothesis around the first landing on the moon, Dark Side Of The Moon illustrates how the truth can be twisted by the manipulation of images. With use of 'hijacked' archival footage, false documents, real interviews taken out of context or transformed through voice-over or dubbing, staged interviews, as well as interviews with astronauts like Buzz Aldrin and others, Dark Side Of The Moon navigates the viewer through lies and truth; fact and fiction. This is no ordinary documentary. Its intent is to inform and entertain the viewer, but also to shake him up - make him aware that one should always view television with a critical eye."

So you are quoting lies as truth. I, too, am a truth seeker. But this is a lie which will cause people to doubt your entire website. Please amend or remove this from your list of conspiracy documentaries as it is a well documented FRAUD.

Nate Dogg

Dear Nate,

There were some pretty BIG NAME government officials in The Dark Side of the Moon documentary ie Rumsfield, the government-appointed bureaucrat (USA Defense Secretary), who makes millions of bucks destroying and then rebuilding innocent nations and giving the United States a bad name while he's at it. Kissinger** and Haig were also widely featured. They must have given permission for their words and images to be used, and no doubt they saw The Dark Side of the Moon before it aired.

The powers-that-be are probably hoping that by making a hoax of a hoax the non-conspiracy-theorists who have heard about the moon-landing conspiracy will be tricked into thinking one hoax is no different from any other hoax. But that only fools SOME of the people, not ALL of the people.

It is a known fact that NASA was running scared over the MOON HOAX talk that's been going on this past few years and they've been working hard to dig out some contradictory proof. Unable to do that, they have obviously gone down into the bowels of the Ministry of Truth, where the anonymous directing brains hang out, and assigned the job to Canada's tax-funded national broadcaster, ie CBC, in the hopes that the people will think it's a spoof and not take any of it seriously after reading the credits at the end which say they were just pulling our leg, ha ha. I don't think so.

After viewing the first Moon Hoax documentary a few years ago, and now Dark Side of the Moon a few months ago (as well as the '70s movie Capricorn One), I am convinced that the moon landing was a rig up. Those Apollo astronauts did not go to the moon, let alone walk on it. One flag flapping or a hundred flags flapping makes not one iota of difference in convincing me otherwise.

So I will not remove the Moon Hoax documentary from the conspiracy section of my website. It is food (not cheese) for thought for many people.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

*PS - For a thorough and specific review of the Dark Side of the Moon documentary go to DARK SIDE OF MOON HOAX.

**PPS - For more of Kissinger's influence in USA policy go to ZIONISM IN AMERICA


Apollo Anniversary July 20, 1969: Moon Landing "Inspired World" (the Party line status quo). National Geographic, Jul 20, 2004



In 1984 Orwell describes how "the primary job of the Ministry of Truth was to supply the citizens of Oceania with newspapers, films, textbooks, telescreen programmes, plays, novels - with every conceivable kind of information, instruction, or entertainment...There were huge printing-shops and their sub editors, their typography experts, and their elaborately equipped studios for the faking of photographs. There was the tele-programmes section with its engineers, its producers and its teams of actors specially chosen for their skill in imitating voices...And somewhere or other, quite anonymous, there were the directing brains who co-ordinated the whole effort and laid down the lines of policy which made it necessary that this fragment of the past should be preserved, that one falsified, and the other rubbed out of existence..."

CAPRICORN ONE (1978 movie)
Classic conspiracy tale about the first manned mission to Mars. All appears to be going well until the astronauts are pulled off the ship just before launch by shadowy government types and whisked off to a film studio in the desert. It transpires that the space vehicle has a major defect which NASA just daren't admit. At the studio, over a course of months, the astronauts are forced to act out the journey and the landing to trick the world into believing they have made the trip. Meanwhile, a Journalist (played by Gould) is getting suspicious and every clue he uncovers seems to result in an attempt on his life! The astronauts are just about to splashdown when a further twist to the tale occurs, leaving them with no choice but to try and escape...

HOOK'S MOON HOAX SONG (thank you to Dave Hook for lighting up the sky with his hilarious poem). Feb 28, 2004

Dark Side of the Moon, (documentary says moon photos were faked, 'but we DID go to the moon' say Kissinger-Rumsfield-Haig-Helms). CBC Passionate Eye, Nov 17, 2003

World's biggest telescope to prove (Americans really walked on moon)? Telegraph, Nov 24, 2002

NASA pulls Moon hoax book (no stars; flag flaps in no-breeze). BBC, Nov 8, 2002

Movie 2001: A Space Odyssey showed NASA how to stage a moon landing (Stanley Kubrick's brother heavily involved in American Communist Party)

Nixon's contingency speech (for astronauts dying on moon). Global National, Feb 4, 2003

NASA's logo a Martian (out to destroy planet Earth). National Post, Jun 5, 2003. Go to NASA MOONS EARTHLINGS

Jackie Jura
~ an independent researcher monitoring local, national and international events ~