To Orwell Today:

Salam Aleikum,

I have been influenced heavily by the book 1984. I read it in high school, didn't understand it but as I got older and having images of the movie imprinted in my mind I keep turning back to it.

It seems stark to me how the concept of God is left out of it. As far as I can recall the only mention of God is when Winston is asked whether or not he believes in Him. He says no. His religious experience being limited to his dreams about the golden country ie eden.

In the world, however, in reality, God is everpresent.

They think they can manipulate the world spiritualy in order to gain total control. They are however sadly mistaken, their eyes have been clouded and their hearts diseased.

Salam Aleikum

Greetings Yusuf,

I'm glad that you read the book before you saw the movie of 1984 because usually if people see the movie first they never read the book. I actually didn't like the movie and now that you've brought it up (pardon the pun) I've written the essay entitled 1984 A BAD MOVIE.

And in response to the point you bring up about Winston answering "No" when asked if he believes in God I've written the essay THE SPIRIT OF MAN which explains what I believe Orwell meant by that.

Thanks for bringing these important points to the forefront.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

Jackie Jura
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