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When the history of the Great Lakes of Africa will be written for future generations, the name of LAURENT NKUNDA MIHIGO will appear in golden letters.

At the best of my knowledge LAURENT NKUNDA MIHIGO is the first person from that region of the world to have challenged the international order for a good human cause:


It has been taught in political science that democracy is the best way to govern Nations. It has been said that the will and the wishes of the Majority should always prevail (which is very disputable most of the time because in all of life aspects usually the majority is wrong and that's why the world is still a mess).

The so-called NUMERICAL MAJORITY was put to the test in many instances going back to the JESUS CHRIST time in history.

We had ADOLF HITLER "The MAN OF THE PEOPLE". The fuhrer was indeed elected by the GERMANS during his time. The result everyone knows about. Let us not go back very far. GREGOIRE KAYIBANDA, JUVENAL HABYARIMANA were in power according to the rule of numerical based ethnic majority.

The result was a GENOCIDE. And up to this day RWANDA is still trying to recover from it. A nation was made of some peoples who will still feel guilty the rest of their lives and some peoples who will feel being victimised the entire time of their lives. When I see and realize what has happened to Rwanda I can only praise PAUL KAGAME to have brought in some kind of Sanity in the Rwandan peoples. KAGAME, because it is him I am talking about in this particular sentence, is a man to be considered by history as well.

I recall a phone conversation I had with LAURENT NKUNDA at the end of AUGUST. Laurent told me that the INTERAHAMWES, THE FARDC, and some other foreign forces (he did not tell me who they were) were moving from the NORTH, THE SOUTH, and THE WEST and they were heading to the EAST to attack him. He told me some of those hostile troops were moving on FOOT, others were coming by trucks and there were a lot of weapons being shipped by aircraft to GOMA. NKUNDA knew every move the enemy was making.

I personally was kind of disturbed to see how lightly he was taking the MENACE. Laurent is a GREAT GENERAL by all means. I know for a fact that against the INTERAHAMWES, FARDC, MAY-MAY combination, LAURENT will reduce it to DUST (I mean literally). What worried me was the FOREIGN FORCE behind those rag thugs Interahamwes, May-May and their kind. I knew that LAURENT at some point will have to face the MONUC or those FOREIGN FORCES acting disguised as MONUC.

Laurent didn't care, he was gonna fight anyway. Someone told me that NKUNDA is what PELE used to be during soccer time. This guy is really good at war. A lot of things have happened since they launched the final offensive against him. And still...


Well, history will record that LAURENT NKUNDA loved the Congo, the peoples of the Congo and the hills of his birth that he will give up his life for in its own entirety.

Prior to the FARDC-INTERAHAMWE and MONUC offensive LAURENT had been offered ONE MILLION DOLLARS US, A HOUSE, A STEADY REGULAR INCOME for the rest of his lifetime and all the LUXURY THINGS WHICH ARE USUALLY GIVEN TO FORMER HEADS OF STATE, all that in the REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA. On top of that under a UNITED NATIONS brokered deal he would have been given a TOTAL IMMUNITY against all the so called "WAR CRIMES" he had been falsely accused of. It is known that JOSEPH KABILA agreed to all those terms (although the entire Military of the DRC including Joseph KABILA himself can hardly accuse Laurent of anything).

Upon learning of his decision to refuse what has been granted to him a lot of people in Africa and around the world came to discover that they were dealing with a new kind of "CHE".

The other day I was joking with one of his closest advisors. I told him to let LAURENT know that if that one million dollars should be multiplied by one hundred then we should consider the offer with a guarantee that we should be provided the entire WESTERN CAPE province with at least 2 million head of COWS of AFRICANDER race. Maybe then we should consider taking all the Congolese BANYARWANDA down to South AFRICA.

Up to this day NKUNDA has not responded to me.

All the best,
Sharangabo Rufagari

Greetings Sharangabo,

Yes, it will go down in history that one time there was a Congolese hero who cared more about the future life of his people than riches for himself in the present. I read about that story you're referring to where Nkunda turned down an offer of money and exile:

Congo struggling to stay in one piece. New Vision, Aug 20, 2007 (...Kabila’s government says it wants Nkunda arrested for war crimes, but Kabila has also sent an envoy to negotiate. Turning down an offer of $2.5m and a life of exile in South Africa, Nkunda accepted a deal in January to integrate some of his men into the national army. Kabila hoped this would weaken Nkunda....)

I continue to follow news about Nkunda and pray for peace in the Congo for him and all the victims of the genocidal forces he's fighting against.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

Congo citizens flee to Uganda (fighting in Kivu by government troops against Tutsi General Nkunda) & Nkunda fighting army & Mai Mai militia (Hutu extremists of Rwanda genocide who melted into Congo jungles) & Hutus in Congo reared for new genocide (7,000 armed men led by 300 hard-core killers of million Rwanda Tutsis) & Rwanda says Congo backing Hutus (attacking Congo Tutsis). IRIN/AFP/Times/VOA, Oct 28/30, 2007


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