To Orwell Today,


I, too, love Orwell; however, I would caution anyone from superimposing any single framework, even '84, to one's world view. If one sees everything, or even most things, in an Orwellian cast, one loses some of the ability to sort out and rank competing information and arrive at coherent observations about the world. It's the same with the bible; the lesson is, read wide and varied material, especially material that you believe you don't agree with. Your web site reads wall-to-wall Orwell. I'd encourage anyone to read widely and think widely. By the way, I have been on the 6th floor and behind the stockade fense on the knoll, to Arlington, VA, to JFK's grave site, to his birth place as well as his presidential lib. in Boston; but I have been many other places as well; each place taught me something more than I knew before.

Frank Kusch

Dear Frank,

This website is entitled "Orwell Today" because it is about Orwell today. Therefore, things related to Orwell are found on this website. That doesn't mean that everything that happens in the world is about Orwell, it just means that everything on this website is about Orwell. By all means go elsewhere in your search for non-Orwellian events in the world.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

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