To Orwell Today,


Thank you so much for your very intricate and informative reply! Your knowledge of Mr. Orwell is incredible, and I am quite jealous of your library! Although it seems there are no photographs or particulars of the models of the motorcycles in existence, I am feeling extremely positive. The information you have provided, along with references to the exact volumes and page numbers is so much more than I ever would have asked, or could have hoped for. You are truly wonderful!

When I complete the illustration I'll contact you again if you like, and send a print to you.

Thank you so much!
Dan Leventhal

Greetings Dan,

Yes, there are no photographs in all those books I own of Orwell with a motorcycle. But hopefully from the stories about his motorcycling exploits, you'll be able to create a much-needed picture through your illustration.

And yes, please do send me a print when you have it completed and if it's okay with you I'll scan it and share it with the readers. I'm sure the whole world will want to see it.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

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Jackie Jura
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