To Orwell Today,

Hello Jackie,

Do you remember meeting me in the village of Orwell in 2004? I was at the church and we had a chat about George Orwell, of course.

A friend and I are planning a Literary Weekend with the theme of 'TIME - PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE' in the village next year -- April 25/26/27, 2014 -- and we will be featuring 1984, amongst other things.

I was telling my friend about your website and she thought it would be worth contacting you, in case you happen to be in England at that time.

It would be good to hear from you anyway,
Katie Reid

Greetings Katie,

Wow, getting a message from Orwell -- literally -- in the form of your email from Orwell is another one of those godcidental ways old George sends greetings now and then from his vantage point in the present, future, past.

Yes, I do remember meeting you and chatting about Orwell inside the church and then afterwards you took a picture of me and my husband in front of the church. See VISITING ORWELL'S ORWELL.

It's my belief that Eric Blair partially had the village of Orwell in mind when he chose Orwell as his pseudonym because he walked through Orwell during the time he was making the decision to make writing his profession. See GEORGE ORWELL'S PEN NAME

I'd love to attend your Literary Weekend in Orwell and if by some miracle I'm in England in April, I will. Please send info as the event progresses and I'll share with ORWELL TODAY readers.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

Jackie Jura
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