To Orwell Today,

I thank you for understanding Rwanda. Many people do not want to know, and presume to understand our country and our efforts to recover. You can imagine how their understanding is distorted.

May God bless you,

Greetings Gregory,

Yes, the distortion of the truth that goes on about Rwanda, and every other nation in the world for that matter, makes it a strain to get everything into focus. But in my research into past events in order to understand present events and hopefully prevent some future events, the little spot on the map called RWANDA jumps sharply off the page. I can always spot it right away because it is just to the left of that huge patch of blue - Lake Victoria. I am really excited about flying over that lake this summer and landing on that little spot, Rwanda, which will have become all-encompassing as the plane touches down.

Mana Ha Imigisha,
Jackie Jura

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