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Murambi Front Emmanuel Head

To Orwell Today,

Dear Jackie,

I just came across your interesting web pages of letters regarding your visit to Rwanda in 2006.

I was just wondering what the church, temple and memorial on item 20 was, and where they were? You mention that you came across them on your way back from Akagera, but not far from Kigali. See CHURCH, TEMPLE & MEMORIAL

I work for the Aegis Trust in the UK, and I am responsible for all the graphic design of the Kigali and Murambi genocide memorial centres.

I did enjoy reading your accounts of these sad, sad places: KIGALI GENOCIDE MEMORIAL & MURAMBI MASSACRE MEMORIAL

It's also amazing how many people write about Emmanuel at Murambi as well. It's incredible to think what a well known world-wide character he has become and probably doesn’t even know it.

Look forward to your reply,
Glen Powell

Greetings Glen,

It's great to hear from someone so intimately involved in the genocide memorials in Rwanda, sites that in their own way are unique in the world.

I'm familiar with the work of Aegis in Rwanda and I read your displays with interest when visiting the Kigali and Murambi memorials there.

I'm so glad you liked the photos of the church, temple and memorial and I wish I could answer your question but I don't remember the name of the village where they're located.

Over the years I've always half-expected that someone from Rwanda would email and tell me the name of the church and other details but so far it hasn't happened.

Now, with your letter expressing an interest, perhaps someone will respond and help us out. If not, then I have another ace up my sleeve - I'll write some friends and ask them to track it down.

I know exactly what you mean about Emmanuel, I've often wondered too if he's aware of his international status as a celebrity.

When I was in Rwanda the second time - in 2007 - I again went to the Murambi Memorial and I was hoping I'd see Emmanuel again. I wanted to tell him about the photos on my website so he could go check it out on the internet. But he wasn't there that day. See MOURNING IN MURAMBI

Orwell Today Card

But I did leave an "Orwell Today" business card with our tour guide and asked her to pass on the information to Emmanuel, and I hope she did.

Rwanda's becoming a major tourist destination these days and, in part, it's due to the human drama and power of the human spirit embodied in survivors like Emmanuel.

All the best,
Jackie Jura


Greetings again Glen,

I went websurfing, looking for that mysterious church, and found it eventually in a Wikipedia article about Religion in Rwanda.

It is.......drum roll.........the Rwamagana Cathedral and it is located in Rwamagana which is a city and capital of both Rwamagana district and the East Province of Rwanda. Rwamagana lies approximately 50 km (31 mi) from Kigali, on the newly renovated road leading east towards Tanzania. There was formerly a large amount of traffic running through the centre, particularly freight to and from Tanzania, but with the recent creation of a bypass, the centre of the city is now quieter. The city lies mainly along two roads, the main east-west route, and a spur leading off to the south. The main market and the Banque de Kigali are on this spur, while the city's two petrol stations, taxi-bus parks and post office are on the east-west road. There is a large church at the western end of the city, adjacent to the main secondary school, and a new conference centre at the eastern end of the bypass.

I'm still curious about how the temple and genocide memorial across the street from the church came to be, or what particular event happened in Rwamagana, and perhaps a Rwandan ace will write in one day and provide that information.

Jackie Jura

Video about One Laptop Per Child pilot in Rwamagana ( famous for something the people of this town of Eastern Rwanda would rather forget - genocide. Fourteen years ago it was a place of death. But today the town is famous for something else - the children of Rwamagana are leading Rwanda into the 21st century.... School is out now and the children at Rwamagana primary are on their way home. Some will walk past that genocide Memorial. It may be just down the road, but what it represents is a long way from where these children are now.)

Innocents Lost (...The three children were all that was left of a family of eleven.... The three were brought to the Fred Rwigema Unaccompanied Minors' Center of Rwamagana, established by local Rwandan authorities after the genocide to deal with the overwhelming needs of abandoned youth...)

To Orwell Today,

Wow... Great information. How do you do it!

Murakozi Jackie,

Jackie Jura
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