To Orwell Today,

Dear Jackie Jura,

In my last e-mail, I wrote telling you that you are not the only one to be spiritually connected to Rwanda. I gave you few examples. Today I am going to share with you and your readers how Rwanda is the point where the human being started moving from, to other parts of the world.

Before I start however, I am very happy that you are coming soon to Rwanda. You are welcome, and I am sure you will be happy. The few days you will spend in Rwanda will never be forgotten. Let me tell you. I was born in the former Zaire. I visited Burundi, I visited Kenya and Tanzania. I went to Norway. I visited the Netherland and the US. I spent 9 hours in London. What I want to tell you, in all of these places, there is no any single place you can wear one clothe from 1st january to december 31. If it is not too hot, it is too cold. Only in Rwanda you can wear the same cloth throughout the year. So don't mind about which kind of clothes are you going to bring.

I would like to request you to help me if you can do so. Please when you come to Rwanda, help me get the video entitled "The Real Eve" by Danny Glover. I beleive this video will help me understand more about "Nyamwezi". Nyamwezi is the mother of Sabizeze. Sabizeze is the first imigrant to Rwanda. Have you been able to see "The Journey of Man" by Spencer Wells? I wish so.

This said, let me now tell you how did the human race populate the world? I will not use genetics as Spencer Wells did, I will just follow what the oral history tells us about ancient Rwanda and other part of the Rwanda as known by our elders. I will not be able to do this in this simple e-mail, I will do it through several e-mails I will be sending you. This first part traces the Rwandans' origin from Buha (Tanzania). That is why I entitled it "From Buha to Mazinga". Mazinga being the first place Rwandans settled from Buha.

I will try to respond to three questions: Where did Rwandan ancestors come from? How did this happens? Regarding the question when did they came will not be responded. Because the oral history doesn't say when.

Here is the story:

In the beginning there was a king living in Buha. The king was called Sabiyogera. Sabiyogera had many wives. Among them was "Nyamwezi". Nyamwezi Mask today represent fertility. Which bring us back to this woman.

She was childless. One day King Sabiyogera got rid of her. It was not proper for a King to stay with a woman without children. The story say that it was unfortunate because it was the King who was not able to get children. When Nyamwezi left Sabiyogera, she conceived and got her first born named Sabizeze. The news reached the King, and the child was brought to the royal house. This child become very smart until other children of Sabiyogera didn't like him. He was insulted of being a bastard. He then decided to leave Buha for good. He was not able to live insulted everyday by his half brothers.

That is how he left Buha. When he came, he came with a group of other 4 people, including his future wife Nyampundu, his half brother Mututsi and their employee Mihwabaro and the wife of Mihwabaro.

When they arrived in Rwanda, they lived in Mazinga. The place is located today in nation Park Akagera. They lived there and Sabizeze married Nyampundu.

This story is not in contradiction of the science. We all know that the earliest human was discovered in Tanzania. Our modern understanding of human evolution began with finds by Dr. Louis and Mary Leakey in this rugged gorge, where faulting and erosion have laid bare 100 meters of sediment spanning 2 million years.

The oral history of Rwanda doesn't contradict this findings.

Unfortunately, scholars distorted the Rwanda history in order to get the so called hutu/tutsi. They went back to the origin of Rwandans. They said that Sabizeze came from heaven and met hutus in Rwanda. This thesis doen't exist in any oral literature. The late poet and writer Professor Spiriani Rugamba left two books on the oral literature. Both books contain four tales about Sabizeze. All of them brought Sabizeze from Buha in Today's Tanzania. And not..not..not from heaven.

Where did this Sabizeze from heaven came from? He came from scholars. One French scholar, who took his time to study the oral literature, he was called George Sandart. He was the first teacher of History in Rwanda, teaching Rwandan their own history. He left a book in which you find exactly how he distorted the history in order to get those who will be hutus and those who will be tutsi. After he taught this falsification of Rwandan history, he was promoted to become the governor of Rwanda during the colonial era. What he taught become the official history of this country. That is how the myth hutu/tutsi came into existance.

During the era when Sabizeze come to Rwanda, there was no human being. He is the forefather of all Rwandans, including the so called hutu and the so called tutsi.

When you read the history of Sabizeze and compare it to the history of Moses in the Bible, you find a lot of similarities between both Sabizeze and Moses. This let someone asks question to know if it is Sabizeze who imitated the history of Moses, or if it is Moses who did so. The answer to me seems that Moses had heard about the history of Sabizeze. Look at those similarities:

  1. The real father of Moses is not known. The real father of Sabizeze is unknown.
  2. Moses as a child was to be killed in Egypt. The child Sabizeze was going to be killed.
  3. Moses was saved by his sister. Sabizeze was saved by his half sister Nyampundu.
  4. Moses left Egypt after a fight with his (egyptians). The same happen to Sabizeze.
  5. Moses left egypt to the promized land, Sabizeze left Buha to Mazinga
  6. Moses left with a magic seal. Sabizeze left with a magic hammer

Sabizeze is the first human to arrive in Rwanda. There were no hutu and there were no tutsi in this ancient period. He begot children who will populate Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Sudan, Egypt, India and other part of the world. In my second article, I will talk about the children of Sabizeze. It will be entitled "from Mazinga (Rwanda) to foundation of Bungeri (today's Buganda Kingdom).

Amani Athar - Kigali

Greetings Amani,

Thank you for telling Orwell Today readers some of the oral history of Rwanda. Human beings were here on earth long before the written word. The scriptures adhered to by various religions copy and distort ancient stories, as in your example of Moses copying Sabizeze and the subsequent falsity that Sabizeze came from heaven, instead of Tanzania.

I haven't seen "The Journey of Man" yet but I will have done so by the time I come to Rwanda. And I will be able to bring you "The Real Eve" on video.

Thanks for the advice on what clothes to bring for the wonderful Rwanda weather. I have read somewhere that the daily temperature is usually around 75 degrees, which is perfect - not too hot and not too cold. I understand that it can get chilly at night. That is what comes from being on the equator and yet so high up that one is spared from the equatorial heat.

I look forward to hearing the continuation of Rwanda oral history.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

Reader asks Amani on what grounds he wrote "The real father of Moses is not known".


Jackie Jura
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