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To Orwell Today,


You are right, there is no book or any narrative dedicated to describing General Kagame's military conditions and the RPF campaigns. I hope that one time (sooner the better) a such work will be available.

It can be great to read a book on the liberation of Ruhengeri prisoners by RPF just at the beginning of the war.

It would be great to read a book about the life of Fred Gisa Rwigema and his companions, including Kayitare, nicknamed the Lion.

It would be nice to have a book of the strategy taken by RPF in sending just 5 soldiers to liberate people who took refuge at Saint Paul Church, when at that time, the entire Kigali City was still in the hands of Interahamwe and the ex-FAR. The surprise is that among the five soldiers, four survived, only one was killed, trying to save an old woman. The old woman was saved among other Saint Paul survivors, only the young soldier died. You remember when you were here, this woman, alongside the priest who kept people safe at Saint Famille were declared national heroes.

I write this e-mail just to tell Thomas about a book, written by COLIN M. WAUGH called "Paul Kagame And Rwanda, Power, Genocide and the Rwandan Patriotic Front".

The book is not dedicated to the RPF strategy in a military perspective, but it has also some good information on RPF struggle.

Thank you Jackie and wishing the best to Thomas,
Amani Athar

Greetings Amani,

Thank you for telling highlights of those stories of heroism by the RPF. They are definitely ones that should be included in the book that is yet to be written.

I agree with you that Colin Waugh's book on Paul Kagame and the RPF struggle is a good source of information on topics other than military strategy. Some excerpts are in the article RWANDA LURED KAGAME HOME.

Yes, I remember the LIBERATION DAY CEREMONY honouring Rwanda's civilian heroes. I have a copy of the day-after newspaper coverage of the July 4th celebrations, and scanned the photos above of that event.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

Jackie Jura
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