To Orwell Today,


As you are aware I am a constant reader of your Website although I don't contribute much, but definitely I enjoy going through it. I have developed a habit of going through it twice a week and read everything concerning Rwanda (My country) and Mr Kagame.

Yesterday I saw someone (Thomas - North Carolina) looking for Military narative of Kagame's army. As someone living in Rwanda I have heard many stories from his soldiers, but like Thomas I have not seen a written documents on some of those Military maneuvre like the many rescue mission within Kigali during the Genocide itself, the Raid on Ruhengeri Prison in 12/1/1991, the double capture of Kigali and Camp Gako, Ambush of French soldiers btn Butare and Gikongoro (here nothing serious happened, when they found out that all their convoy was under ambush they just withdrew to their Zone Turq.) and many many other, I hope someone realy write about them soon before they are forgoten.

A Ugandan writer has written a lot concerning Rwanda and Uganda. His writings are very credible as he conducts interviews with the very concerned people. Unfortunately, he does not cover the military maneuvre to stop the 1994 genocide. However he has some few storries regarding Kagame's army:

At the following link he can search for himself:


2. From there go to "Article Archive"

Every year this writer writes several interesting articles on Rwanda. Mr Thomas can go through many of them by just changing years and read from December to January.

Thanks and greetings to Bob,
Colin Ruganzu

Greetings Colin,

I recall our previous email exchanges and appreciate your contributions and am glad you've developed the good habit of reading my website twice a week. That is a habit you will never need to break. Thanks for sending the link to the writings of the Ugandan journalist. They look interesting and reading them may become a new habit for we "Orwell Today" readers.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

Jackie Jura
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