To Orwell Today,

My simple comment is:

A big part of the Rwandan tragedy is that some "white experts" have become more Tutsis than Tutsis themselves, and "some other white experts" have become more Hutus than Hutus themselves.

If you are an independent researcher, I hope that you will write something about the role of Americans in the Rwandan genocide. Please read THE TAYLOR REPORT. We look forward to reading an article about this.

-Pierre Ngaboyisonga

Greetings Pierre,

I received an email the other day from someone named Sam Mugo from London who had neither a hello or a goodbye, just a link to this so-called TAYLOR REPORT (the link to which didn't work in the email you sent me).

I'll give you the same answer I gave him:

"I don't enter into discussion with RPF-hating, Boobooh Ghali-loving, anti-American, genocidaire-sympathizers like what you obviously are. Nor do I contaminate my website by linking diatribes like what you've forwarded to me with the expectation that I'll give it publicity. Send it to the French, Chinese or USSR - other permanent members of the UN Security Council - where no doubt your ideas will find succor."

~ Jackie Jura

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