To Orwell Today,

Dear Jackie:

Congratulations on your Web site dedicated to Orwell. I note that it is unique. The world needs more people who can follow your example. After all, we have seen the president of the United States seemingly mislead the country into a war in Iraq; we can see Kim Jong-il, the North Korean dictator, revel in personality cult that helps him to maintain his dictatorship; and we can observe Vladimir Putin cut back on democracy to reveal the KGB master's core values that he embraces. If enough people fight for truth -- it will win.

Victor Fic

Greetings Victor,

Thank you for your kind comments about my website. It's nice to know I'm coming in loud and clear in Seoul. In the free world these days people don't recognize a lie when it hits them in the face, let alone search for the truth. But if they DID search for the truth they'd find it and in the end we'd win the battle against The Big Lie.

Orwell said: "If you hate violence and don't believe in politics, the only major remedy remaining is education. Perhaps society is past praying for, but there is always hope for the individual human being" and that's the credo I use for Orwell Today.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

Jackie Jura
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