To Orwell Today

Dear Jackie:

I just discovered your web site Orwell Today and want to say that the content looks very good. Like you, I consider myself somewhat of an expert on JFK and to a lesser degree Orwell (I have read 1984 and Animal Farm) but know his work more from the conceptual context of the 'big lie' technique.

I have been looking at most of the same areas for about 20 years and I keep on trying to figure it all out. I am glad you are taking such a strong stance. I know many others who are aware of these issues but most of us are caught up in the system.

Larry Dunn

Greetings Larry,

It's always great to hear from other JFK experts. He's an inspiration to me. And I'm glad you are learning more about Orwell, another great man in his own right (write).

All the best,
Jackie Jura

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