To Orwell Today,

This year (I am currently in 10th grade) my teacher introduced me and my classmates to 1984. I figured that it would simply be yet another long school classroom reading book, but I loved it. I found your site while i was needing to get some ideas for parallels between orewell's 1984 and our society today. I thought of the ever disapearing love in our society and the invasions of our privacy with sattlite, spy wear, and governmental taps (ie. bugging devices, rewiring phones) but i thought that the paralell that you made between 1984 and our media was ingenious. All of my classmates loved the book, partially because of our fabulous English teacher who helpd us analyze it, but not rip it appart (I hate over analysis). I'm just emailing this because i found your site great and inspiering.

~ molly

PS. sorry i might have misspelled a couple things, happy new year too.

Greetings Molly,

And a happy new year to you too, and to all your fellow students and your fabulous English teacher. You're lucky to have a good teacher for 1984 because it is not a simple book and needs to be taught, otherwise it won't be learned. Seeing the parallels is like breaking a code. I'm so glad you found my website and that it's helping you understand the complexities of 1984.

I really like your phrase "the ever disappearing love in our society". I think that expresses it profoundly.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

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