To Orwell Today,

I am a Social Studies teacher... I am VERY interested in a lot of the things that you are writing about, and am curious as to how you obtain your information...

Thank you for a most informative website, finally it seems as if there are some people walking around that are REALLY questioning our so called democratic government. One question:

Do you believe that Americans as a whole can be that naive and indifferent to what is happening before their eyes? Seems to me that people like me should be introducing these topics into the classroom, if we REALLY believe that this is a "government of the people, by the people, and for the people".

In any event, please keep writing, we really need people like you around to shed some much needed light on these important topics.


Greetings Sally,

Thanks for your encouraging comments. I bet you're a good Socials Studies teacher and that's what's needed to teach 1984. It's not an easy book to understand because Orwell kind of laid it out in code to make sure he got it published. But the parts he didn't hide in code are so powerful they should grab the attention of most thinking people and alert them to the danger.

The way I obtain my information is through reading on a wide variety of subjects, all of them linking one to the other. I watch very little television which has the disadvantage of my not knowing what the vast majority of people are viewing, although I'm up-to-date on the nature of it, ie presently they're promoting gay and lesbian sex. For research purposes I attend certain movies and rent videos that I know are attempting to direct the way people think.

And as for your question asking if I believe that Americans can be as naive and indifferent as they are to what is happening before their eyes, my answer is, "Yes".

Glad to have you as a reader.

~ Jackie Jura

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