Jason sends tip on TIPS:

First, thank you for your site. I actually find it quite interesting. The parallels between what is happening in our world today, and history and literature, are immeasurable. It is almost as if some of the institutions that seem to resurface every few decades, or centuries, are actually stationary, only really changing hands after a few generations. That's enough of my paranoia.

Anyhow, I moved from just outside Washington DC a few months ago. In a conversation with a friend from that area, I asked what had changed there since I moved. Besides confirming the rumor I'd heard that the city actually had tanks stationed on its borders, she also mentioned that certain electronic signs over highways are asking individuals to contact a tip line to report any terrorist activities.

This struck me as odd, primarily because I'd understood the TIPS program was not allowed. Anyhow, I decided to look it up. As a matter of fact, it appears that it is in effect as the Rewards for Justice program.

I searched Orwell Today for links to this, and couldn't find any. Just thought I'd show you this, in case you hadn't caught it yet.

- Jason

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