To Orwell Today,


I've often lurked your site for information for my classes. You've never let me down :-)

I'm looking for a list of the warnings (not predictions) Orwell made in "1984". Should one be available, might you e-mail it as a return email? I'm hoping to use it in a Gr.12 Literature class on Thursday.

Many thanks.

Greetings Gary,

Orwell's entire book is a warning, not predictions. The left-hand side of the home-page of my website, Orwell Today, is in reality a list of warnings. After your Grade 12 students have digested the 45 themes I've broken his masterpiece into, they may be able to come up with additions of their own.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

PS - I assumed at first you were a teacher, but on second thought you may be a student. Either way, my answer remains the same.

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