To Orwell Today,


I've read on your site how someone in Toronto sent you, Ms Jura, a letter about the water meter with a transmitter and you explained to her that you read a news article about a year ago that a woman who suffered "ringing in the ears" after having a wireless "smart" water meter installed had been successful in having it replaced with a wired analog water meter.

You said:

"...I phoned the government employee whose signature was on the bottom of the letter and I told her I didn't want a smart meter anywhere on my property and asked if it were possible for me to have an analog water meter instead, like what I'd heard the city had offered a lady who got ringing in the ears after they installed a smart water meter in her house a year ago. She told me that yes, I could have a wired analog water meter, instead of a wireless one, but I'd have to pay $100 a year, ie $25 a quarter, to have it manually read. The meter would still be INSIDE the house, but it would be wired through the wall to a panel outside the house that a meter-reader could read without having to come inside. I told her that was no problem, I would consent to having a water meter installed in my home under those conditions. So she then told me to phone the water meter company and make an appointment to have a water meter installed. So I called the toll-free number of the water meter company -- Neptune is its name, like the Water God -- and told a supervisor that I wanted a wired analog meter, not a wireless smart meter, and he said that would be no problem at all, so I made an appointment to have a water meter installed..."

I talked to Neptune today to cancel my appointment for a smart meter and told them about the news article a year ago where a woman who experienced ringing in ears from a "smart meter" had had it removed and an analog wired meter installed instead and that the meter they installed for the lady was wired to a transmitter.

But Neptune straight up told me there is no alternative option and they would put us down as a refusal. Does this mean I will still get another registered letter from the government. Or will they just tax me thousands of extra dollars?

We are not as free here in Toronto as you guys are in BC because we don't have as many like minded people as you do there. Also English is not my first language and I misplaced the first registered letter I received.

Please tell me what to say word for word and who to call. I am very frustrated and confused with this situation.


Greetings Hash,

All I can suggest is that you call Neptune again and ask to speak to the manager and then ask Neptune who gave them the order to install a water meter in your house because you want to contact that person. Tell Neptune you did not give consent to anyone for a "smart" meter and therefore Neptune can not come into your home until they have your signature giving them permission to do so.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

Jackie Jura
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