To Orwell Today:


I just finished reading "We," and I had a couple of questions regarding it that I hope you can answer.

(1) What happens when the INTEGRAL goes for its test flight? Does D-530 get injured, is I-330 in the INTEGRAL as well, is D-530 caught for his devious plan at this time, etc?

(2) How is D-530 caught for his scheme to start a revolution? Does 0-90 tell the Guardians/Benefactor or..? How would the INTEGRAL help start the revolution?

(3) How does the book end? D-530 undergoes the Great Operation to remove his Imagination, while I-330 dies in front of him by refusing to answer questions by the Benefactor? How come D-530 does not recognize I-330?

(4) Are the inhabitants of OneState descendants of the surviors of th 200 Years War? Who lives on the other side of the Green Wall?

(5) What does the ending of the book mean when D-530 says, "Because reason has to win"?

I have slight ideas to the answers to these questions, yet I am still confused. Hopefully, you can clarify my confusion. Thanks for your time and I hope to hear from you very soon.


Greetings Melissa,

Regrettably I can't answer your "We" questions because I haven't read the book as I explained to a previous reader. Sorry.

But I'd be very interested in hearing the answers to those intriquing questions and I'm sure others would be too, should you wish to share them with us once you've got them figured out. Or if we're lucky, a "We" expert may write in.

Good luck,
~ Jackie Jura

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