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When Winston fails to touch his toes, he's reprimanded by the PE instructor from the telescreen. This should warn him against any further wrongdoing, eg. getting involved with Julia, etc. At any rate, he is being watched continuously, and not just checked on at random. But then, we'd have no story!!!!!

-Derek, N. Ireland

Greetings Derek,

Winston knew the telescreen could see and hear everything he did. That's why he cooperated with the PE instructor when she gave him orders. He personally hated trying to touch his toes which always resulted in a coughing spasm and in his mind he rebelled against her. But if he didn't follow her orders, she'd report him to the Thought Police.

Only when he was out of sight of the telescreen (in the space that used to be a built-in bookcase) did Winston do things which weren't allowed, for example writing in his diary.

If his apartment hadn't had that unique feature of the recessed wall which the telescreen couldn't see, he wouldn't have been able to write and we wouldn't have his story, which in reality is Orwell's "1984".

1.Winston's Diary and 3.Surveillance and 20.Thought Police & Snitches

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PS - Jura, the Scotish island where Orwell wrote his diary - "1984" - is just above Northern Ireland. When we were there we picked up a hitch-hiker who had sailed there in a rubber boat, on a weekend trip from Belfast. See ORWELL'S CORRYVRECKAN WHIRLPOOL

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