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I thought this might interest you: MIZERO CHILDREN OF RWANDA

Mizero Children’s Troupe
Visit USA and Canada to Raise Awareness about
Rwanda's Orphaned Youth
Bringing, Building, and Spreading HOPE
to Rwanda and the World
through the Arts and Technology

"We are the future of humanity. We are the world in our community."

Jean Paul Samputu, Rwandese Performing Artist & Mizero Troupe Mentor

For tour information on this extraordinary event, please visit MIZERO HOPE TOUR ITINERARY. You can also visit LEAF - LAKE EDEN ARTS FESTIVAL for interview opportunities.

The Rwandan children will be on OPRAH, MORNING SHOW, LARRY KING...

Louis Muligande

Greetings Louis,

WOW! That is good news - and very exciting for the children AND for all of us here in North America. I'll definitely be tuning in to watch them on those TV shows you mentioned.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

PS - I remember you telling me about Jean Paul Samputu and notice that he is their mentor and the one who wrote their song

Jackie Jura
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