To Orwell Today

Dear Jackie Jura,

Thank you for allowing many of us to get know GEORGE ORWELL and mostly sharing with us what is your vision of history. Yes, you reached to many Rwandans and I am still getting e-mails from across the board in the country of a thousand hills about your website.

I sincerely suggest that you do visit Rwanda as soon you can because you have so many friends who are eager to meet you.

Truly yours
Sharangabo Rufagari

P.S. I am sending you a link to the New Times of Rwanda and a presentation by Dr Alfred NDAHIRO the communication and public relations advisor to the President.

The New Times of Rwanda and 10 YEARS ON - THE STORY OF RWANDA

Greetings Sharangabo Rufagari

Thank you very much for sending the excellent links and for the warm wishes from the email correspondents in Rwanda.

The opening paragraphs of Dr Ndahiro's THE STORY OF RWANDA describing the tyrannical governments that ruled Rwanda in the decades prior to the 1994 genocide are fascinating reading. It's almost exactly the type of world Orwell describes in 1984.

The on-going story of how Rwanda is emerging from actually being in the abyss is an inspiration. What happened in Rwanda could happen anywhere in the world, even here in North America. But the difference of when or if it happens over here is that we don't have a Paul Kagame or a Patriotic Army or a Patriotic Front or eight non-genocidal parties to form a government of national unity, like Rwanda had.

For the benefit of readers interested in a Rwandan version of the genocide in Rwanda I have excerpted the opening paragraphs of Dr Ndahiro's story and call it: RWANDA BEFORE & AFTER

I caught the last 40 minutes of a PASSIONATE EYE documentary on TV the other night (just luck my husband was channel surfing and called up for me to turn it on). It was about General Dallaire's return to Rwanda on the tenth anniversary last year. PASSIONATE EYE is on again tonight and I'm hoping it will be a repeat so I can see the 20 minutes I missed. As the camera followed Dallaire and his wife around Rwanda I caught lots of glimpses of some of those "thousand hills".

All the best,
Jackie Jura

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