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Dear Jackie Jura,

I am a Rwandan but I live for the moment in Norway. Recently I read with great interest the articles you wrote about Rwanda and HE president Paul Kagame. I do agree with every thing you wrote, however, I was surprised to see a westerner spending her time on a tiny, poor country like Rwanda. Let me tell you that we are many who are greatful to you.

The reason of this e mail is however, beside being grateful, to share with you, someone who came to know the Rwandan history and its tragedies, my concerns that have hunted me for some times now.

Since late 1950's, many Rwandans have been forced into exile, those who remained in the country experienced an Apartheid-like regime. A misery that culminated with genocide. However, the world never said anything, and Genocide was stopped by RPF forces lead by Major General Paul Kagame. Today, Rwanda is a democratic country and is healing its wounds.

My concern is then this: The world didn't care then, and it doesn't want to recognise its failure in Rwanda: otherwise, how come a person who ended Genocide, who initiated a reconciliation system which is showing impressive results, who gave Rwanda its first democratic election in its history, who fight the AIDS disaster, all this with meagre resources, who is now exporting peacekeeping forces (in the Soudan), is ignored?

For my point of view, giving HE Paul Kagame a nobel peace price, is to honour those who were killed during genocide, those who offered their lives in order to stop genocide, and it can be a good sign for the African Great Lake as a whole that the world cares.

Thanks again with your attention to Rwanda, and your tireless work.

Best regards
M. Felix

Greetings M. Felix,

It's not that the world doesn't want to recognize its failure in Rwanda. It's that the powers-that-be who RUN the world don't want to recognize the SUCCESS of Rwanda and good, heroic human beings like Paul Kagame. Instead they build up minor characters who played minor roles and try to make them into heroes all the while suppressing the truth about a MAJOR hero who, like someone out of legendary history, rode into the midst of evil and slayed the figurative dragon.

It would be wonderful if for just once the Nobel PEACE Prize was actually handed to a person who brought peace to the world. Instead it's a politically correct prize - money - handed out to members of the club. In the past it's often been awarded to people and organizations who are totally OPPOSITE the cause of peace, and are in fact proponents and profiteers of WAR.

As you can see I don't have much respect for the charade of the Nobel Peace Prize or many of its past laureates. But if I did I would definitely nominate Paul Kagame, although the public doesn't have any say in the matter.

All the best,
Jackie Jura


Jackie Jura
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