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I don't like to blow my own horn, but sometimes I have to, or no one will hear its sound. In this case I can't resist drawing readers' attention to my photograph of a Rwandan woman which - although of inferior technical quality - is as photogenic (in my opinion) as one that beat out 6,900 other contestants to win a prestigious Photographic Portrait Prize from England's National Gallery:

Rwandan portrait wins photo prize. BBC, Nov 7, 2007

The photo that won the $25,000 prize is of a Rwandan woman embracing a child in front of her house where another child is leaning:

Rwanda Photo Win
by Jonathan Torgovnik

When I first saw the photo a couple of months ago - when it was merely an entrant in the contest - it reminded me right away of one I had taken and I fleetingly thought of entering mine (but of course I knew it wouldn't qualify in any area other than topic).

My photo is of a Rwandan woman holding a child, in front of a similar house, with her other children engaged in daily activities:

by Jackie Jura

In a way, when the two photos are put side-by-side (as shown at the top of page) they complement one another by seemingly being an extension of each other.

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I guess the point I'm trying to make (in another blast from my horn) is that even though my photo wasn't a real winner (having never entered the contest or, even if it had, not having the qualities required to compete) to ME it is a winner because of its similarity to the winner and also, because of the fond feelings it arouses in me (and hopefully in others who look at it). ~ Jackie Jura

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