A tip-off led American troops to a small, underground hole
concealed next to farm buildings near the former leader's hometown of Tikrit.
Soldiers were seconds away from throwing a hand grenade into the hole,
when Saddam emerged and surrendered.
Saddam Found
Saddam Hussein is dragged out of hiding
following his capture by USA troops on Dec 13, 2003.

(Saddam's bin invisible)

UPDATE!!!!! December 2006 - During Christmas and Arab holydays Saddam Hussein (or lookalike) was publicly hanged, and the image played and replayed in newspapers, TV and internet

UPDATE!!!! November 2006 - Saddam Hussein has been convicted of crimes against humanity and sentenced to death by hanging (for killing 148 in 1982)

UPDATE!!! December 2003 - Saddam Hussein has been found in a hole wearing a Santa Claus beard that would take most people years to grow by USA forces named Wolverine just like in Tim McVeigh's favourite movie 'Red Dawn' which was about patriots thwarting the Soviet take-over of America. This capture of Saddam sounds like something souped up in the Ministry of Truth with components from Hateweek and Reality Control and Falsification of Past thrown in for good measure.

UPDATE!! April 2003 - My question "Where is Saddam Hussein?" has never been answered, although some articles appeared describing sightings. But all of these turned out to be spurious. The film-footage was always grainy and looked like it had been spliced, or the guy was just a look-alike. In reality, neither Saddam or his army showed up for the war. Consensus is they've left the country or they're holed up in one of those underground tunnels that even the bunker-busters can't git. Nobody knows if they're dead or alive. Now, in desperation, the USA has given each of its soldiers a full deck of playing cards showing photos of Hussein and his party. I guess they figure the problem might have been the troops didn't know who they were looking for. Now, while they sit there on the rubble watching the ransackers go by, they can "play a little solitaire". And like in everything else they do, the powers-that-be are using a stacked deck. They've added a few extra jokers.

UPDATE! March 2003 - EVE OF IRAQ DESTRUCTION (3000 bombs will be dropped on Iraq in 48 hours looking for Saddam Hussein)

February 2003

Where is Saddam Hussein? Has anyone seen him lately? [written before second Iraq invasion - jj] I haven't been watching much coverage and so I don't know the answer. But yesterday I caught fleeting bits of TV news and when the topic got around to Iraq and Hussein it just showed an old news clip of him, or someone who looked like him. But I haven't actually seen HIM interviewed lately. Has anyone else? This constant sabre-rattling by the western-allies is becomming curiouser and curiouser. We're mounting this massive war machine in the so-called Gulf to supposedly take-on Hussein. But what proof do we have that he's even there? From whom and where do the communications from Hussein originate? Has there been any interview with him lately? Has he given a press conference and I missed it - which is highly likely I could have. I'm just wondering. So if someone has seen him recently, please write and let me know. Is this going to be another Afghanistan where we bomb the whole country looking for a perhaps non-existent bad-guy?

Kissinger, speaking in defence of the USA engaging in an unprovoked war against a sovereign nation - in this case Iraq - said a "regime change" was the goal (see article Zionism in America). By regime change one assumes he means leader change, which in the case of Iraq, is Saddam Hussein.

So if the goal of the war is to oust Hussein, wouldn't it be important to know where he is? Blowing the country to smithereens in the hope of "smoking him out" is cartoon-like behaviour. This was tried in Afghanistan - in the search for Osama - and it caused chaos. The country was destroyed - except for the opium - and Osama is still at large or, if he's dead, there's no body to prove it. So why do the same crazy, illegal thing in Iraq? The USA's excuse for starting war in Iraq is based on the leader NOT the weapons. The weapons are a different issue altogether. No one's even SUGGESTING Iraq has nuclear weapons, just biological and chemical. Referring to them as "weapons of mass destruction" is a bit misleading, seeing as how most people save that kind of talk for NUCLEAR weapons, like what China and the Soviet Union and the United States have (and North Korea - which will be "dealt with" next - according to UK's Blair). ~ Jackie Jura

Saddam hanged. Aljazeera, Dec 30, 2006
As day broke on one of the holiest dates of the Muslim year, and after more than two years of being held in custody by U.S. forces at Camp Cropper in Baghdad, Iraq's deposed leader Saddam Hussein was hanged at dawn Saturday at a Justice Ministry facility in northern Baghdad for crimes against humanity...

Saddam Hussein sentenced to death. BBC, Nov 5, 2006
...Saddam Hussein has been convicted of crimes against humanity and sentenced to death by hanging. The former Iraqi leader was convicted over the killing of 148 people in the mainly Shia town of Dujail following an assassination attempt on him in 1982...Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki hailed the conviction in a televised address, saying that the sentence was "not a sentence on one man, but a sentence against all the dark period of his rule"...US President George W Bush welcomed the verdict as a "milestone" in the efforts of the Iraqi people "to replace the rule of a tyrant with the rule of law"...

Saddam goes on trial next week (for killing 143 Shiites in 1982). ABC.net, Oct 16, 2005

WAR, FLU & BIN LADEN HOAXES (reader sees "1984" parallels)

Madrid blasts: Who to blame? (collusion of Eta splinter-group sympathetic to Islamic al-Qaeda?). BBC, Mar 12, 2004. WHO YOU GONNA BLAME? OSAMA!

'Red Dawn' parallels: How spooky is this? Baltimore Sun, Dec 16, 2003. Go to RED DAWN SADDAM SAMES

How Saddam Hussein was captured. BBC, Dec 15, 2003
A tip-off led American troops to small, underground hole concealed next to farm buildings near the former leader's hometown of Tikrit. Soldiers were seconds away from throwing a hand grenade into the hole, when Saddam emerged & surrendered...The critical piece of information, obtained at 1050 local time on Saturday, came from an individual who had been arrested the previous day in Baghdad...

Where is the Iraqi army? (no photographs or witnesses - must have disappeared into thin air). Sydney MH, Nov 3, 2003. Go to 28.Reality Control & WHERE'S THE ENEMY?

Rumsfield wants to rumble ("Iraqis went to Syria", he says - including Dr Germ & Mrs Anthrax). WashTimes, Apr 14, 2003. Go to 12.Minipax (War)

Hunt for Saddam & his henchmen (Pentagon hands out playing cards). London Telegrah, Apr 12, 2003

'We added a few extra jokers' (list of names on each pack of cards). Telegraph, Apr 12, 2003

BAGHDAD PLUNDERED (10,000 yrs of civilization gone). Wash Post, Apr 13, 2003

Bush suspected Saddam in 9-11 (colluding with Osama all along). Telegraph, Apr 27, 2003. Go to 28.Reality Control & SNOWBALL IS OSADDAM

Hussein's bodyguard defects to Israel (says TV images you see of him were taken years ago). Herald Sun, Feb 1, 2003:

3000 bombs in 48 hours ("but damage will be small"). Sunday Times, Mar 17, 2003. Go to 13.Weapons & OPENING DAY IN IRAQ

USA bombers to start war with onslaught on Saddam palace. Guardian Unlimited, Feb 2, 2003
British and American forces planning war against Iraq have revealed details of their plans to topple Saddam Hussein, which will start with a devastating bombing campaign ahead of a massive ground attack by thousands of troops from Kuwait... Details of the military planning appear to have been leaked to coincide with President Bush's assertions last week that he would 'welcome' the departure of Saddam and his family if that meant war could be avoided, suggesting renewed approaches to persuade him to quit voluntarily.

War would be 'catastrophic' for Iraqi children (says fact-finding team report). IPS News, Jan 31, 2003. Go to 6.Super-States & 12.Ministry of Peace (War) & JFK'S PEACE FOR ALL TIME

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