Members of the Brotherhood are prepared to:
give one's life; commit murder; commit acts of sabotage;
betray one's country to foreign powers;
cheat, forge, and blackmail;
corrupt the minds of children;
distribute habit-forming drugs;
encourage prostitution; disseminate venereal diseases;
do anything which is likely to cause
demoralization of society.
~ 1984

35. Big Brother's Brotherhood

They had done it, they had done it at last! The room they were standing in was long-shaped and softly lit. The telescreen was dimmed to a low murmer; the richness of the dark-blue carpet gave one the impression of treading on velvet. At the far end of the room O'Brien was sitting at a table under a green-shaped lamp, with a mass of papers on either side of him. Winston's heart was thumping so hard that he doubted whether he would be able to speak. Merely to walk into such a place needed an effort of the nerve. It was only on very rare occasions that one saw inside the dwelling-places of the Inner Party, or even penetrated into the quarter of the town where they lived. The whole atmosphere of the huge block of flats, the richness and spaciousness of everything, the unfamiliar smells of good food and good tobacco, the silent and incredibly rapid lifts sliding up and down, the white-jacked servants hurrying to and fro - everything was intimidating.

O'Brien's servant had admitted the two of them without demur. He was a small, dark-haired man in a white jacket, with a diamond-shaped, completely expressionless face which might have been that of a Chinese. The passage down which he led them was softly carpeted, with cream-papered walls and white wainscoating, all exquisitely clean. That too was intimidating. Winston could not remember ever to have seen a passageway whose walls were not grimy from the contact of human bodies.

O'Brien rose deliberately from his chair and came towards them. His expression was grimmer than usual, as though he were not pleased at being disturbed. As O'Brien passed the telescreen he stopped, turned aside and pressed a switch on the wall. There was a sharp snap. The voice had stopped. Julia uttered a tiny squeak of surpirse. Winston was too much taken aback to be able to hold his tongue.

"You can turn it off!" he said.

"Yes," said O'Brien "we can turn it off. We have that privilege. Everything is turned off. We are alone."

Winston said: "We believe that there is some kind of conspiracy, some kind of secret organization working against the Party. We want to join it and work for it. We are enemies of the Party. We disbelieve in the principles of Ingsoc. We are thought-criminals."

He stopped and glanced over his shoulder, with the feeling that the door had opened. Sure enough, the little yellow-faced servant had come in without knocking.

"Martin is one of us," said O'Brien impassively. "We may as well sit down and talk in comfort. Bring a chair for yourself, Martin. This is business. You can stop being a servant for the next ten minutes."

Winston could not help snatching another sidelong glance at Martin's Mongolian face. There were no scars that he could see. Exactly as they had done at the front door, the little man's dark eyes flickered over their faces. There was no trace of friendliness in his manner. He was memorizing their appearance, but he felt no interest in them, or appeared to feel none. It occurred to Winston that a synthetic face was perhaps incapable of changing expression.

There was a silver box of cigarettes on the table. O'Brien pushed them towards the others. They were very good cigarettes, very thick and well-packed, with an unfamiliar silkiness in the paper.

O'Brien took the decanter by the neck and filled up the glasses with a dark-red liquid. "It is called wine" said O'Brien with a faint smile. "You will have read about it in books, no doubt. Not much of it gets to the Outer Party, I am afraid."

Winston took up his glass with a certain eagerness. Wine was a thing he had read and dreamed about. Like the glass paperweight or Mr Charrington's half-remembered rhymes, it belonged to the vanished, romantic past, the olden time as he liked to call it in his secret thoughts. For some reason he had always thought of wine as having an intensely sweet taste, like that of blackberry jam and an immediate intoxicating effect. Actually, when he came to swallow it, the stuff was distinctly disappointing. The truth was that after years of gin drinking he could barely taste it.

"I think it is fitting that we should begin by drinking a health. To our Leader: To Emmanuel Goldstein." said O'Brien.

"Then there is such a person as Goldstein?" Winston said.

"Yes, there is such a person, and he is alive. Where, I do not know."

"And the conspiracy - the organization? Is it real? It is not simply an invention of the Thought Police?"

"No, it is real. The Brotherhood, we call it. You will never learn much more about the Brotherhood than that it exists.

"We fight in the dark. We will always be in the dark. We receive orders and we obey them, without knowing why. Later I will send you a book from which you will learn the true strategy by which we shall destroy the society we live in. Full members of the Brotherhood have read the book. But between the general aims that we are fighting for, and the immediate tasks of the moment, one never knows anything. I tell you that the Brotherhood exists, but I cannot tell you whether it numbers a hundred members, or ten million. From one's personal knowledge he is never able to say that it numbers even as many as a dozen.

We're sometimes obliged to give a person a new identity. His face, his movements, the shape of his hands, the colour of his hair - even his voice would be different. Our surgeons can alter people beyond recognition. Sometimes it is necessary. Sometimes we even amputate a limb."

One has three or four contacts, who recognize one another by code words or by special movements of the hand, and who will be renewed from time to time as they disappear. When one is caught, he confesses. That is unavoidable. But one has very little to confess, other than one's own actions. One is not able to betray more than a handful of unimportant people. At most, when it is absolutely necessary that someone should be silenced, we are occasionally able to smuggle a razor blade into a prisoner's cell."

Members of the Brotherhood are prepared to:

- give ones life
- commit murder
- commit acts of sabotage which may cause the death of hundreds of innocent people
- betray one's country to foreign powers
- cheat, forge, and blackmail
- corrupt the minds of children
- distribute habit-forming drugs
- encourage prostitution
- disseminate venereal diseases
- do anything which is likely to cause demoralization

O'Brien continued to move back and forth over the soft carpet. When he spoke of murder, suicide, venereal disease, amputated limbs, and altered faces, it was with a faint air of persiflage. "This is unavoidable," his voice seemed to say; "this is what we have got to do, unflinchingly..."

"...The Brotherhood cannot be wiped out because it is not an organization in the ordinary sense. Nothing holds it together except an idea which is indestructible. Perceptible change doesn't happen within one lifetime. One takes part in it as handfuls of dust and splinters of bone. It could take a thousand years. We extend the area little by little generation after generation. I will send you a copy of the book."

O'Brien, Winston noticed, seemed to pronounce the words as though they were in italics: "Goldstein's book, you understand, as soon as possible. There are not many in existence, as you can imagine. The book is undestructible. If the last copy were gone, we could reproduce it almost word for word. You will return it in fourteen days."

The book, a heavy black volume, was amateurishly bound, with no name or title on the cover. The print also looked slightly irregular. The pages were worn at the edges, and fell apart, easily, as though the book had passed through many hands. The inscription on the title page ran:


by Emmanuel Goldstein


Cockroaches are the dominant species...
(all it took was a few seasons of Kardashians)
January 2017
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