When in Rwanda last year our favourite thing to do was to stop along the way and give soccer balls to unsuspecting children. So we made sure to bring soccer balls again on this trip so that we could tangibly connect with Rwandans through soccer - the game that had symbolically brought us all together in 1994.

On the first days in Kigali Kevin had been going out on his own, meeting kids through soccer balls. Later, when we travelled about together, we took photos and the happiness on the faces of the children explains why this is so much fun:

Soccer Kigali Soccer Deflated

Soccer Pump

What had attracted us to this group of children in the first place was that they were already kicking a ball around as they moved on down the street. But the ball they were using was of foam tied together with twine. They were doing a good job kicking it, but we suspected they'd appreciate something with more bounce.

Soccer Compare Soccer Group

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