I felt like JFK in Berlin when we stopped at a school before leaving Cyangugu.

What I mean by that is that the welcome was so warm and the people were so happy it reminded me of what JFK had experienced in Berlin, Germany, inspiring his "ich bin ein Berliner" speech. On the plane on the way home afterwards JFK was totally happy, as described by one of his closest aides:

"As we departed that evening to fly over East Germany to Ireland,
the President was glowing from his reception....
He said he would leave a note to his successor,
'to be opened at a time of some discouragement',
and in it he would write three words:
'Go to Germany'."

Substitute the phrase "Go to Rwanda" and you can experience the same feeling as JFK experienced in Germany.

I don't know why children get so excited when they see "muzungu" (their word for 'white people') pull into the schoolyard but they do. It's so easy to make them happy and such a wonderful feeling doing so that I wish we had a million soccer balls.

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