To Orwell Today,

For Jackie Jura:

Press Release
Darfour Peace Mission : Beyond Karenzi Karake

Gerard Rusteid

To Gerard Rusteid,

I don't understand some of the terms in the name of your organization or the press release you sent [at bottom of page*] - ie "Intwari, CNA-Ubumwe, CMC, PDN" - but I do recognize the term "FDLR" and in adding "2 + 2" and getting "4" I conclude you are either a genocidaire or a genocidaire sympathiser and so I've foregone the usual "greetings" in the salutation.

I guess you sent me that anti-Karake press-release (which is also anti-Kagame, anti-RPF, anti-Rwanda, anti-Western World) because of the article I posted which exposed the truth about Kibeho and concluded that the Hutu Army and Interahamwe - NOT the RPF - were behind the chaos there that saw 80,000 Rwandans pushed almost beyond endurance of human suffering:


The RPF were heroes for closing down the IDP camps - including Kibeho - and if General Karake was involved there (although his name was never mentioned) that adds SUPPORT to his being appointed Deputy Commander of the AU/UN peace-making mission in Darfur, on top of all his other accomplishments as an officer in the RPF fighting genocidaires in Rwanda and the Congo, in the past AND in the present.

I can't think of any army I would rather have heading a mission to come to my rescue (if I were from Sudan [or any other nation for that matter]) than Rwanda's, based on their conduct and ability in stopping the Tutsi genocide in their own country. Every other nation in the world - including members of the Organization of African Unity - stood by doing nothing.

The Sudanese government itself has spoken out in defense of Rwanda heading the Darfur mission, as you are no doubt aware:

Sudan defends the controversial Rwandan general. Aug 22, 2007 (The Sudanese government blasted accusations directed at a Rwandan general, nominated as deputy commander for the new U.N.-African Union force in Darfur. Sudan’s envoy to the UN, Abdalhaleem Abdalmahmood, told the daily Al-Sudani that these accusations "are part of a campaign aimed at undermining the credibility of Africans". Last week a Rwandan opposition group accused the newly nominated deputy commander for the Darfur hybrid force of being a "war Criminal"....The Rwandan government has stuck to its choice which is likely to create some delays in setting the structure of the hybrid force...."This will infuriate the Rwandans if Karake is denied a role, and that will make it even more difficult to field adequate African forces, given Rwanda's skill and professionalism, and the sheer size of its contingent and potential to add to it" he added. The Darfur conflict began in 2003 when an ethnic minority rose up against the Arab-dominated government in Khartoum, which then was accused of enlisting the Janjaweed militia group to help crush the rebellion.)

If and when the AU/UN force finally arrives in Darfur (and it's a long way from being a reality) they won't be there to STOP the hell - they'll just be there to help the people (which is better than nothing). They'll have a better mandate than the UN forces that were in Rwanda (ie they'll be allowed to use their weapons) but they won't be allowed to disarm the killers.

Because of fabricated accusations by you genocidaires against Rwanda, the AU/UN mission for Darfur is being TALKED about instead of acted OUT and the suffering of the Sudanese continues unabated.

~ Jackie Jura

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Darfour Peace Mission : Beyond Karenzi Karake

The appointment of Rwandan general Karenzi Karake as Joint Deputy Commander of the UN mission in Darfur seems to have provoked a mini scandal which the media have seized upon rapidly.

By confirming the Rwandan officer for such a strategic post, the African Union has in fact fallen into a trap from which it will have difficulties to free itself. Unless it does not repeat its errors by reiterating the simulacrum of a Neutral Military Observers Group (GOMN) that had been put in place in Rwanda by President Museveni and Dr. Ahmed Salim (then OAU Secretary General), and where 90% of the military elements comprising that group were accomplices of one of the belligerent parties, namely, the RPF.

But the real scandal is to be found in more important, higher decision-making echelons, notably, at the level of the UN Security Council.

In this regard and while waiting to offer more extensive revelations, Intwari-Partnership declares the following in order to inform the national as well as the international opinion:

1. In order to grasp all of its parameters and identify all of its outline, one should place the Darfur conflict in a larger context, one of the famous "Regional Liberation War" so dear to the no less famous "New African Leaders" supported by the United States and the United Kingdom, leaders such as presidents Yoweri Kaguta Museveni of Uganda and Paul Kagame of Rwanda among others.

2. Triggered by the victorious NRA rebellion of Museveni in Uganda against Milton Obote from 1981 to 1986, this "Regional Liberation War" which has known its first success in 1986 through the accession to power of the "African Hitler" Museveni, in reference to his 04/04/1997 speech, was to continue in Rwanda with the tragic offensive of Paul Kagame’s Rwandese Patriotic Front from 1990 to 1994, then spread to the Democratic Republic of the Congo and to Burundi, integrating Tanzania, Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea and the Sudan. It is in fact a plan for the renaissance of the Great East Africa composed of the ten African countries mentioned above.

3. The immeasurable ambitions of certain African leaders acting in the name of obscure, foreign and/or local interests, often led them into an enterprise of extermination of their own people, of whom they unashamedly self-style "saviors" or "liberators" as it was the case in Rwanda.

4. The sinister project for the edification of a large "Nilotic" empire itself placed under the protection of an Anglo-Saxon empire that will ultimately cover the entire African continent, explains, to a large extent, fratricide conflicts from which Africa mourns daily, conflicts followed by a cohort of crimes against peace, war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide crimes.

5. In such circumstances as these, it appears urgent and legitimate to ask ourselves questions about the real or hidden intensions about stated or unstated objectives on the side of certain governments such as the government of Rwanda in relation to their multiform contributions to peace missions placed under UN and/or African Union aegis as it is currently the case in Darfur, whereas their collaboration with the SPLA and thus their lack of neutrality vis-à-vis the other Sudanese belligerent was known beforehand.

6. Before pretending to stabilize the Sudan or any other African country, Rwanda should, first, "clean its own house". More than just General Karenzi Karake whose role in massacres is well-known, General Paul Kagame must first of all have the courage to face his very heavy responsibilities in the Rwandan genocide, a genocide whose re-writing appears henceforth inevitable.

7. As for the UN, the African Union and, particularly, the United States and the United Kingdom, whose role in the Rwandan genocide and its seriously devastating consequences in the DRC remain underestimated, their credibility in the framework of the peace efforts currently undertaken in the Sudan may be seriously compromised.

8. Finally, to the Rwandan people in all its constituents and across divisions and wrenches cleverly generated and cynically fostered by a ruthless dictatorship that feeds itself from a permanent state of war, we urgently call upon all of them, our fellow citizens, so that they may, as one and same person, rise and pull down the separation wall erected between them by indignant rulers who knows no scruple.

Done in Brussels, August 21, 2007,
on behalf of Intwari-Partnership,
Déogratias Mushayidi (Signed)
General Secretary and Spokesperson

Jackie Jura
~ an independent researcher monitoring local, national and international events ~