Is there a conspiracy for world domination? According to H G Wells there is, and he was proud to be a part of it. In 1928 he wrote the book THE OPEN CONSPIRACY describing the organization behind all the movements that have brought us to our present sorry state of affairs (ie mega-mergers, economic disaster, genetic engineering, loss of individuality and sovereignty etc etc).

It's uncanny how Wells was able to foresee everything that would happen and how it would all fall into place. But then again, I guess that's to be expected coming from the author of THE TIME MACHINE (1895), THE INVISIBLE MAN (1897) and THE WAR OF THE WORLDS (1898) - to name a few. No doubt H G Wells had help foreseeing all of this, just as he had help writing his books. He admits he's more or less a spokesperson for a shadowy group of behind-the-scenes elites.

George Orwell (the renowned journalist) came into conflict with Herbert George Wells (the renowned writer) in 1941. As a boy Orwell was a fan of Wells and read all his books but as a thirty-eight-year-old adult he made an enemy of Wells by writing in the article WELLS, HITLER AND THE WORLD STATE that "the singleness of mind, the one-sided imagination that made Wells seem like an inspired prophet in the Edwardian age, make him a shallow, inadequate thinker now." Wells, who was then seventy-five, did not appreciate the criticism. He responded by rebuking Orwell in a letter, referring to him as "you shit".

As important as it is for people to read Orwell's "1984" so too is it important for people to read Wells' THE OPEN CONSPIRACY, H G Wells, written in 1928. The difference between the two is that Orwell wrote from a position of abhoring World Dominion and Wells wrote from a position of embracing and promoting it.

My advice for people attempting to read THE OPEN CONSPIRACY is to not expect to digest all of the information with one reading. It's a book that requires study and attention to each detail. While reading it through the first time I had to backtrack many times to make sure I was understanding what Wells was saying. Give it a try. You'll be amazed at what he reveals! ~ Jackie Jura


THE OPEN CONSPIRACY, H G Wells, written in 1928 (link no longer connects)


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