"They misunderestimated the fact
that we love a neighbor in need.
They misunderestimated the compassion of our country.
I think they misunderestimated the will and determination
of the Commander-in-Chief, too." ~ USA President


"A proof is a proof. What kind of proof?
It's a proof.
And when you have a good proof,
It's because it's proven." ~ Canada Prime Minister

North American leadership has dropped a long way down from JFK, especially in the brains department. Kennedy was brilliant and eloquent. Bush and Chretien are bumbling idiots. That's one thing Canada and the United States definitely have in common, ie our leaders are very stupid.

At least up until a couple of days ago we had that in common. But now our prime minister has stepped down from his elected position and handed the prime ministership to one of the wealthiest CEOs in the country - Paul Martin - a mandarin's son and oligarch** just like what they've got in the Soviet Union and China.

In case the rest of the world hasn't noticed (and they probably haven't) Canada now has a prime minister who was not elected by the people because there was no election. The job was just handed to him by the resigning prime minister* as though he were a father passing a business on to his son - as though Canada were a corporation instead of a country.

After giving his "tanks for turty years" speech [see Frenchspeak is Newspeak for explanation] Jean Chretien is stepping down as prime minister and Paul Martin is stepping up. That's comparable to Bush quitting as president and handing the job to the head of your Treasury Department, which is what Martin was, ie our Finance Minister. And probably if that were to happen in the United States there would at least be ONE critical comment amongst the press. But not up here in sheepy Canucksville where NOTHING gets commented on except the price of eggs in China - from where we'll eventually end up importing them no doubt.

But now that Chretien has stepped down as our leader we Canadians can no longer say that our guy is dumber than your guy.

For the benefit of those who don't know what I'm talking about, I'll give some highlights from Chretien's "turty" years at the public trough:

The most famous picture in Canada is of Chretien strangling a peaceful demonstrator in Hull, Quebec in November 2003.

Chretian Choke
Canada's prime minister, teeth bared and clenched, manhandling a hapless protester
"Some people came in my way. I had to go. So if you're in my way, I'm walking.
I don't know what happened. Somebody should not have been there"
said Chretien after grabbing the protester under his jaw,
shoving him into the arms of nearby police."

Another thing Chretien is famous for is walking along with Indonesian tyrant Suharto while RCMP officers use pepper spray against demonstrating students at the University of British Columbia at the Asian Pacific Economic Conference (APEC) in 1997.

But the main thing Chretien is famous for is his inability to speak fluently in either official language. Here's some examples compiled from an article by Jay Teitel in the November 2003 edition of Saturday Night magazine:

When asked for his explanation as to why he grabbed the demonstrator's neck, Canada's PM replied:

     "I don't know.
     What happened?
     If you don't know,
     The cameras were there.
     Some people came in my way,
     it might have been...
     I had to go,
     so if you are in my way,
     I am walking.
     So I don't know what happened.
     Something happened
     to somebody
     who should not have been there."

And here's Canada's PM explaining what proof he needs of weapons-of-mass-destruction before joining an invasion of Iraq:

     "A proof is a proof. What kind of proof?
     It's a proof.
     And when you have a good proof,
     It's because it's proven."

Here's Canada's PM explaining why there will be no public referendum to decide the issue of same-sex marriage:

     "That's why there are constitutions.
     That's why there are charters of rights.
     It's to protect minorities.
     If every time there is a problem with a minority,
     we ask the majority to decide,
     then we are no longer protecting the minority.
     That's where the problem of a referendum troubles me."

And here's the excuse Canada's PM gave to the media for not firing an aide who called Bush a moron:

     "She used that word against me a few times
     and I'm sure she used it against you many times."

And here's Canada's PM defending Bush:

     "He's a friend of mine.
     He's not a moron at all.
     I had a good time with him today."

Evidence of Bush's stupidity (from his own mouth)

One in three Britons think Bush is stupid. Drudge Report, Nov 15 2003
The full extent of the low regard Britons have for George Bush was tonight revealed in a poll. The US President was branded a threat to world peace by a clear majority, 60%, of those questioned by YouGov. More than one in three, 37%, said Mr Bush was "stupid" while 33% called him "incoherent"...The findings are published in The Sunday Times ahead of his state visit to Britain next week, the first by a US leader...

*Paul Martin to become Canada's next prime minister. Atlanta Journal, Nov 14, 2003
Chretien is expected to step down in upcoming weeks, which would make Martin the prime minister without an election. In Canada's political system, the head of the majority party in Parliament is prime minister...Martin's father, also named Paul, died in 1992 after a 33-year political career in which he failed twice to become Liberal leader and prime minister...The younger Martin entered politics in 1988 after a successful business career heading Canada Steamship Lines...As finance minister, he was named a member of the World Economic Forum's "dream cabinet" in December 2001.

Drugs found on Prime Minister's ship (millions of dollars of cocaine attached to grate on bottom of boat named after wife). Canada Press, Jul 2, 2004. Go to 35.The Brotherhood & 10.Rulers & CANADA'S PM SHIPS COCAINE

**Paul Martin's dangerous advisor, www.lifesite.net, Dec 3, 2003
Maurice Strong has promised he will advise his friend and soon-to-be Prime Minister Paul Martin, for "free." We're tempted to say that is about what his advice is worth, but Strong's ideas are no joking matter. Strong, the senior advisor to UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, is a leading advocate of one-world global governance. He advocates a radical environmentalism that is associated with people and movements that advocate depopulating the world. He has indicated support for China's brutal one-child policy and limiting family size to protect the earth's natural resources from the encroachment of man. Lastly, he was involved in the 2002 summit to develop a one-world religion that adopts as centrepiece environmental activism and colective governance (one-world government). With advisors like Strong, Paul Martin's vaunted position as a leader from the more conservative side of the Liberal Party should be seriously questioned. Strong's views place him firmly on the left and if successfully implemented (anywhere - at the international or national level) pose a direct threat to traditional religion, national sovereignty and human life.

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