Canada's Criminal Code forbids
"obscene, indecent, immoral, degrading" theatrical performances.


Organizers set aside two seats for
Vancouver police chief Jamie Graham and BC attorney-general Geoff Plant.
Neither showed up, nor did any uniformed police officers.

Canada is becoming a den of iniquity as it sets precedent after precedent in areas of social engineering. Our Prime Minister brags that we allow abortion-on-demand; parades by men promoting anal and oral sex are major tourist attractions in cities like Toronto and Vancouver; for years we've been handing out free needles to junkies and last month we became first in North America to provide safe-injection sites (with plans to provide cocaine and heroin soon); last week we became the third nation in the world to allow same-sex marriages; and this week our police didn't show up to break apart a live sex-act wherein a couple slurped each others' genitals for half-an-hour in front of paying theatre-goers. It's not that we don't have laws against public sex, or vice-squads empowered to deal with lawbreakers. But when lawmakers and law-enforcers stand by and do nothing, the law is broken with impunity. Or as Mark Twain said, "The law's an ass." Or should we change that to, "The law's an asshole."

And as if that weren't enough, one of our Canadian exports -- infamous boob-queen Pamela Anderson -- is the voice behind a cartoon super-hero named "Agent 69" who uses sex as a weapon to distract and destroy. ~ Jackie Jura

Here are the stories:

COPS NO-SHOW AT LIVE SEX ACT. Print Edition, Globe & Mail, Jun 29, 2003
Public Sex, Art and Democracy made national headlines when John Ince, a civil rights lawyer and owner of the erotic art store and gallery where the play was held, announced he was planning to stage a live sexual performance...Initially city police shrugged the play off as a publicity stunt, saying they would not recommend charges be laid unless they received a complaint. They changed their position the next day, after consulting with the force's vice squad and said that an investigation would take place if the actors went ahead with the sex act, more commonly known as sexual position number 69. Organizers set aside two seats for Vancouver police chief Jamie Graham and BC attorney-general Geoff Plant. Neither showed up, nor did any uniformed police officers.

...A small art gallery was jammed by the curious, but no police officers, for an event Thursday night that was billed as Canada's first live sex show...Tanya Seltenrich and Dana Williams walked out on stage, stark naked, and began kissing passionately. Before you knew it, Williams was lying on his back, spread-eagled on a table. Then Seltenrich hopped up and mounted him upside down. The mutual slurp fest carried on for a good five minutes, until Martin Guderna entered the stage with a spray bottle and began spritzing a white sheet hanging behind the couple. He then pulled out a tray of red paint and began rolling it over their locked bodies. Guderna later draped the sheet over the actors, which soaked up the paint like a shroud. And for the next 20 minues, he continued to attack his writhing project with flourished strokes, tender pats and much more spritzing. The 30-minute act contained absolutely no dialogue, other than a few muffled moans under the sheet. But the audience, seated on plastic fold-up chairs amidst the display cases of pleasure toys, appeared to be mildly engrossed nonetheless... When the show was finally over, the sweaty couple stumbled off stage and the painting was pinned up for display. With its smeared buttocks and frog limbs akimbo, the print had the primitive look of a cave drawing...

Former "Baywatch" beauty Pamela Anderson is making her animation debut as a superhero who dances in a strip club, but she demanded and received a no-nudity clause for her cartoon alter ego. As a result, the upcoming cable series "Stripperella" features lots of cartoon cleavage and sexual innuendo -- she is after all "Secret Agent 69" -- but Anderson insists the show could be rated PG. "It's harmless. It's only a cartoon," the actress told Reuters in a recent interview to promote the series, created by Marvel Comics icon Stan Lee, the man who beefed up the Hulk and had Spider-Man climbing walls. "We came up with a concept, and we just kind of made it really, really silly, and we both can't believe it's going to be on the air."

The series is due to premiere June 26 on TNN, the Viacom Inc.-owned cable channel planning -- despite a legal challenge -- to relaunch itself this month as Spike TV, with a new slate of programming tailored to men. The show's concept is pretty simple. It centers on buxom exotic dancer Erotica Jones, an Anderson-esque character voiced by the actress who leads a double life as the masked superhero Stripperella. She's a stripper by night, a crime fighter by later at night and the cartoon character even has the same tatoos as the real-life Anderson.

Using her sex appeal to cloud the minds of male crooks, she comes equipped with special gadgets, such as her lipstick laser and wall-climbing stiletto heels. Her breasts are natural lie detectors and her legs are powerful weapons she wraps around the heads of her foes in a move she calls the "scissor-ella." "I'm very proud of Stripperella," Anderson says. "She's my alter ego -- strong, smart and sexy and, let's face it, a bit of a slut." In the premiere episode, Stripperella battles the evil plastic surgeon Dr. Cesarian, who is deliberately ruining the figures of supermodels and has "booby-trapped" his latest victim with an exploding breast implant. Still, Anderson said the series is far from pornographic and at her insistence contains no nudity -- employing cartoon pixilation and other devices to keep the body parts blurred and the animation tasteful. For example, "I do a dance in a martini glass, and the bubbles are strategically placed," she said...

A huge street parade Sunday celebrating gay pride included newly married homosexual couples who traveled to Toronto to get hitched legally in what has become North America's new gay capital. The event was one of many around the world this weekend celebrating tolerance, even in places that have traditionally been hostile to homosexuality... In Toronto, the crowd included Michael Leshner and Michael Stark, who have become symbols of homosexual rights in Canada. The two were married on June 10, hours after an Ontario appeals court ruled as unconstitutional Canada's definition of marriage as only between a man and a woman — paving the way for legalized gay unions. The gay marriage ruling prompted Prime Minister Jean Chrétien's government to promise a new law that legalized same-sex marriage while allowing churches to decide whether to sanctify them... Canada is only the third nation to legalize same-sex marriage, along with The Netherlands and Belgium.




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