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Sheeple of the World Unite! The power of the herd! In today's crass political discourse, rule-followers are often dismissed as sheep: passive, meek and dumb.

End All Mandates! Freedom Convoy! January 29 2022: Thousands opposed to Covid-19 rules converge on Parliament Hill to demonstrate against vaccine mandates (Trudeau and his family have been moved from residence over security concerns)

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George Orwell's ANIMAL FARM, a parable, ranks as one of the greatest satires of our anxious times. ANIMAL FARM depicts a revolution by the resident animals vs the human beings who rule their world. ANIMAL FARM is a satire based on the Soviet Union after the Communist revolution in Russia in 1917.

George Orwell, author of "1984", reading "2022"


January 25 2022 Federal government won't budge on vaccine mandate for truckers as convoy heads for Ottawa despite entrenched opposition from some drivers and groups claiming to represent their interests. In a joint media statement released today, Transport Minister, Labour Minister, Employment Minister and the president of the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA), said COVID-19 vaccines are the "most effective tool to reduce the risk of COVID-19 and protect public health". The transport minister said the government is not interested in alternatives like rapid testing for unvaccinated truckers. He said truckers and the wider industry have had months to prepare for the new regulations and drivers must now get the shot or stop driving over the border. Our plan is to defeat COVID and end the pandemic as quickly as possible. What we're doing right now is for the protection of truck drivers but also for the protection of our supply chains and our economy. The best way to deal with COVID is through vaccination". A convoy of protesters -- including truckers and members of groups broadly opposed to public health mandates -- are set to descend on Ottawa this weekend to stage a demonstration on Parliament Hill.

FringeMinorityTrudeau ProtesterWaveSignTrucks HouseFuckTrudeauSign BeaverSplat

January 26 2022 Trudeau calls convoy a "small fringe minority" who hold "unacceptable views": Trudeau made the comments at a press conference as the Truckers for Freedom Convoy closes in on Ottawa. Trudeau's comments come amidst a legacy media campaign painting the hundreds of thousands of truckers and their supporters as racists and extremists. A number of recent mainstream media articles have cherry-picked bad actors unrepresentative of the convoy's peaceful protest, claiming that the movement is made up of "white nationalists", the "far-right" and "domestic terrorists". Since the mandate has gone into effect, Canadian trucking companies have reported a shortage of drivers willing to go on the road. Prior to the mandate, trucking groups warned that it could lead to a shortage of goods across Canada and worsen the country's already strained supply chain.

A protester waves a Canadian flag in front of parked vehicles on the 15th day of a protest against COVID-19 measures that has grown into a broader anti-government protest... A Canadian homeowner is allowed to keep flying a "F*ck Trudeau" flag after the town backs down.


January 31 2022 Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau tests positive for COVID during vaccine mandate protests January. Trudeau tweets: "This morning I tested positive for COVID-19. I'm feeling fine - and I'll continue to work remotely this week while following public health guidelines. Everyone, please get vaccinated and get boosted".

TrudeauStoleCvr TrudeauStoleTrucksArrive TrudeaStoleTruckersWave TrudeauStoleTruckersHide

HOW THE PRIME MINISTER STOLE FREEDOM: "...From coast to coast the truckers drove through the snow... and their small fringe numbers continued to grow...then one day a trucker appeared in the town...with thousands behind them from miles around...They filled every street as a big honking the prime minister claimed 'I have COVID-19'...I really must go, I'm infections you see...and spend a week hide--err--umm...under quarantine...For days the prime minister hid in his home...but the truckers refused to leave him alone..."

"Are they gone yet?"


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Fascinating story behind convoy and secret trucker lingo: ...Trucker drivers began using CB radio to communicate, especially after the United States enforced a nationwide 55 mph speed limit during the oil crisis of 1973. This, among other regulations, angered truckers who then used their CB radios to form convoys. Convoys were groups of truckers that drove together down highways faster than the speed limit because the police couldn't catch all of them. Convoys would also tell each other where police officers set up speed traps, if there was a roadside emergency, or even block off roads with their trucks in protest. Because police would also listen to the CB radio channels, the trucker drivers developed an elaborate slang including code names called handles to protect their identities. After hearing about this unique dialogue, McCall and songwriter Chip Davis bought a CB radio which inspired them to write "Convoy". The song is filled with this trucker slang including lyrics like "Ah, breaker one-nine, this here's the Rubber Duck. You gotta copy on me, Pig Pen, c'mon?".


"Convoy" topped the country and pop charts and was included in Rolling Stone's 100 Greatest Country Songs of All Time in 2014. After "Convoy" was released, people became obsessed with CB radio and trucker culture. Millions of people in the United States began buying CB radios to join in on the fun and even created their own handles and slang words. Many other songs and movies about truckers were made including an action-packed, fairly successful movie that was also called "Convoy" and was based off of the song. The movie featured none other than Kris Kristofferson as the lead trucker, Rubber Duck.

This one is for the truckers, the riggers, and everyone else in the Oil & Gas industry and their families
written and recorded in 2020 when a convoy set off from the west to protest the carbon tax.
It was met with an underwhelming response in Ottawa, no coverage, no noise

This time around, 2022, there is much more support from across the nation and the world for the Convoy.
The West, and now seemingly the entire nation, are fed up with mistreatment from the government.
Carry on good truckers, supporters, and on lookers. We'll see you down at Parliament.


Billie Dale Fries, aka C.W. McCall, died on April 1, 2022, at age 93 from complications of cancer
Fries was a country-singer-songwriter best known for his truck-driving song "Convoy" in 1975.
In an interview he conducted on February 9, 2022, while in palliative hospice care,
he gave his blessing for the use of his signature song "Convoy" for the Freedom Convoy protests in Canada
saying that he was "energized and enthusiastic" about the revival of interest in the song and its message.

PoliceMassive ProtestersArrested ProtestersParliamentBldngs

February 19 2022 Police launch massive crackdown in Ottawa to end blockade. As the police, some heavily armed and equipped with gas cannisters and pepper spray, moved from the outer edge of the blockade to Parliament Hill, defiant protesters shouted "HOLD THE LINE" and "FREEDOM" and blasted their horns. Police were given sweeping powers to clear the streets after the federal government invoked the never-before-used Emergencies Act. The crackdown is one of the largest law-enforcement operations in the country's history.


There is no basis for "state of emergency": The Justice Centre challenged the accusation that peacefully protesting truckers are "a danger of major proportions that could result in serious harm to persons or substantial damage in property".

PierreFaceWarMeasures EmergActJustinInvoke

February 14 2022 Federal government invokes Emergencies Act, for first time ever in response to protests, blockades. The Act grants cabinet ability to take 'special temporary measures that may not be appropriate in normal times'. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he has invoked the Emergencies Act to bring to an end anti-government blockades he describes as illegal and not about peaceful protest.

PierreInterview JustWatchMeNewspaper

Headlines: Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau invokes War Measures Act October 13, 1970. When questioned on the steps of Parliament Hill, about its legality during peacetime, Trudeau infamously responded "Just watch me".

PierreDanceCartoon JustWatchMeDanceJustin

JustWatchMeCartoonPierre JustWatchMeCartoonJustin

War Measures Act 1970: "We'll raid your home!...Emergencies Act 2022: "We'll ban you from work, then freeze your bank accounts so you won't have a home to raid!

TiananmenAnniversary2022 EmergActTiananmenTiananmenAnniversary2022 TrudeaySpyFileDestroyed

Trudeau's creating a Tiananmen Square-style standoff between the government and peaceful demonstrations against that authority. In 1989, Chinese Communist troops in tanks and armed with rifles attacked their own civilians in Tiananmen Square, leading to the iconic photo of a single protester standing face to face with a government tank. The trucker standoff is giving off similar optics: They're inadvertently doing their best to sort of make a Tiananmen Squre scene where they're in the tank and the truckers are the citizen that says, "come on". The truckers have been iconic of this fault line throughout the middle of North America -- on one side, you have these people who are muscular and they brave the weather and they are out there with COVID and they're bringing our food and our building materials and our fuel.

Justin Trudeau, future prime minister, stood in Tiananmen Square in 1990 during a visit to China with his father, former prime-minister Pierre, one year after the massacre by the communist Chinese army against pro-democracy, anti-government protesters.

CSIS destroyed secret file on Pierre Trudeau, stunning historians Canada's spy service destroyed a Cold War dossier on Pierre Trudeau in 1989 instead of turning it over to the national archives. The Canadian Security Intelligence Service says the secret file on the former prime minister was scrapped because it fell short of the legal threshold for retention by either the service or the archives. News of the decision to purge the file, which is coming to light only three decades later, has stunned and disappointed historians.... Steve Hewitt, who has spent years chronicling the country's security services, called the destruction "a crime against Canadian history". "This wanton destruction cries out for parliamentary intervention to ensure that historically significant documents held by government agencies are preserved instead of being made to disappear down an Orwellian memory hole"... CSIS said its records indicate the file was destroyed on January 30, 1989.... CSIS declined to elaborate on the rationale for purging the Trudeau file.

JustinFuckBomb TrdeauMomFuckOff

May 4 2022 Prime Minister Trudeau quotes his father after dropping F-BOMB in House of Commons... Trudeau used a "six-letter F-word" during a heated exchange in the House of Commons. The alleged expletive was an "unparliamentary term" wasn't "fuddle-duddle"... The PM was being asked about military aircraft flying over Ottawa during the Freedom Convoy when he used the "F-bomb". Trudeau responded that the question was "dangerously close to misinformation and disinformation designed to gin up fears and conspiracy theories".

At the prime minister's mom's "crazy", charming one-woman show... It is inevitable to frame Margaret Trudeau as the wife of one Canadian prime minister and the mother of another... The current prime minister's mom led an audience at Chicago's The Second City chanting "F--K YOU!" on Thursday night, and it was entirely charming and everyone there seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves and feel that this was something they all really needed.

PierreFuddleDuddle ToiletPieceShit PieceOfShitJustin

Pierre Trudeau: Do the Fuddle Duddle! In December 2011, Canadian Liberal MP Justin Trudeau threw some cusses in the House of Commons, calling the Environment Minister "a piece of shit". This prompted some Conservative MPs to yell back at Trudeau in protest.

Justin Trudeau hurls four-letter obscenity in House of Commons: The Prime Minister caused uproar after he called the Federal Environment Minister "a piece of shit" during a heated question time debate over the Kyoto Protocol. In a case of like father, like son, former prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau caused outrage in 1971 after MPs accused him of mouthing "fuck off" in the Commons. He denied swearing, claiming he uttered "fuddle duddle" instead.

TrudeauFingerTrain TrudeauFingerPainting

A museum says it's preserved the railcar from which Pierre Trudeau gave the finger to protesters: In 1982, Trudeau had just finished repatriating the Constitution when he decided to borrow the governor general's train car for a summertime trip to the Rockies. Along for the ride were the Trudeau boys; Alexandre, Michel and, of course, then-10-year-old Justin. At the time, rampant inflation was kicking roughly one cent of value out of the Canadian dollar every month. Unemployment was hitting Depression levels in resource towns. Trudeau's new National Energy Program was seen as a direct assault on an already-beleaguered Alberta energy sector. And in recent months, Trudeau had been calling for restraint on public sector wages in order to combat inflation. In short, the optics weren't great for a prime minister cruising Western Canada in a luxury railcar telling locals to screw off.

In various paintings and cartoons immortalizing the event at Salmon Arm, British Columbia on August 8, 1982, Trudeau is usually depicted mischievously wagging his middle finger while protesters pelt the car with eggs and tomatoes. But there were no projectiles at the first encounter between the public and the Trudeau train, just three Salmon Armers carrying signs displaying some version of "Restraint, Practice What You Preach". The trio were Liberal voters on strike from their government jobs, and they had rushed to the train station with only a few hours' notice to protest what they saw as an act of indulgent hypocrisy. Seeing the signs, a staff member began lowering the railcar's shutters to shield the Trudeau boys from the sight. The children had "seemed amused by the situation" reported the Salmon Arm Observer. But the prime minister stepped forward and pulled back the shutters to take a last peek at the three protesters. "He looked at my wife, he smiled and gave her the finger. He pushed up the other blind, looked at me and gave me the finger. He pushed the other blind up, looked at David and gave him the finger", protester Doug Hughes later told the Canadian Press...

The thrown vegetables followed soon after. Once news emerged of Trudeau's digitary indiscretions, his trip became a whistlestop tour of pissed-off small-towners, prompting railroaders to dub their produce-splattered train "The Caesar Salad Special". Tomatoes thudded into the windows as the car emerged from the Connaught tunnel. Eggs rained down on the prime minister's car outside Calgary. Whitewater rafters in the Kicking Horse River mooned the official train. In Sudbury, 500 violent protesters subjected the train to such a withering hail of rocks and vegetables that it broke several windows. "Trudeau Rail Car Pelted With Rocks and Food", reported the New York Times...

Now known to history as the Trudeau Salute, to supporters the prime minister's middle finger became a symbol of his bullish approach to leadership... To critics, it became the defining image of a Quebec elitist exhibiting his contempt for the West... In a 2013 visit to the staunchly Conservative BC city of Kelowna, the Liberal leader [Justin Trudeau] said that he learned from his father that "one should always wave with all five fingers".

RailRoadCandaCvr MacColonizerStatuePaint TrainMacdonald

Sir John A Macdonald statue vandalized on January 11th, 2013 [on his 198th birthday]: Police say it may have been politically motivated... It was hit overnight by vandals who threw buckets of red paint and left it covered with graffiti, including the words "murderer" and "colonizer", and the phrase, "This is stolen land"... Macdonald, who was prime minister for 19 years, was instrumental in forming the Great Coalition with his political rivals that served as the basis for Confederation in 1867, thus enshrining Macdonald as Canada's founding father. During his tenure, other provinces and territories were subsequently brought into the new nation, and the national railway was built.


Canada's Railway and How the CPR was Built -- A Ribbon of Steel: In the late 1800s, politicians in eastern Canada feared that large pieces of unsettled land in the north and west were going to be claimed by the United States... So the politicians in Canada came up with a plan to unite the colonies under one government. On July 1, 1867, the colonies of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Quebec jointed together to form the Dominion of Canada. This union was called Confederation and Sir John A Macdonald became the first prime minister. Macdonald began the work of building up the country. He wanted to expand the Dominion of Canada from sea to sea and fill the land with settlers and farms... He needed a way to link east with west. A cross-country railway was the solution. Macdonald promised to build one if British Columbia would join Confederation. The province joined in 1871. Many believed it would be impossible to build a railway across 3200 kilometers (2000 miles) of mountains, prairies, rivers and swamps, but Macdonald was determined to see it through... By 1881 the CPR was ready to start building Canada's first transcontinental railway -- a ribbon of steel to span the country.

TrudeauPiroetteQueen PierrePioretteCartoon

Prime Minister Trudeau pirouettes behind the Queen May 7, 1977: Pierre Trudeau had uttered "fuddle duddle" in the House of Commons, invoked the War Measures Act ("Just watch me") and worn a rose in his lapel, but it was a pirouette behind the Queen's back that drew worldwide attention. The Canadian Prime Minister was in London attending a reception at Buckingham Palace. The press photographer trained his camera on Trudeau when he noticed the PM looked at his feet, twirled, shrugged, then left for dinner. The camera captured Trudeau's insouciance, temerity and alleged lack of respect for the monarchy. Some were shocked by the gesture, made while the oblivious Queen walked ahead. Years later a former Trudeau aide said the pirouette was not spontaneous, that Trudeau had wanted to show his displeasure with royal protocal that separated heads of state from heads of government.

PierreOmnibus71 TrudeauAbortMoneyWithold

May 1969: Parliament passes omnibus bill extending Canadian freedoms [perversions]: ...Not everyone agreed with Pierre Trudeau's assertion that "there's no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation". Opposition to the legislation Trudeau [as Minister of Justice] introduced in 1967 was fierce. Its least controversial sections imposed new gun controls, regulated lotteries and made it an offence to drive while drunk. But it also made it legal for a woman to use contraception and to obtain an abortion if doctors said her health was at stake. And it decriminalized homosexual acts between consenting Canadians over the age of 21. Still reviled by some, the bill marked a major step towards Trudeau's vision of a Just Society where "inhibitions to equality would be eradicated".

July 2021 Justin Trudeau withholding health-care funding over abortion access: Gov't won't transfer $-millions of dollars owed to New Brunswick because the province is refusing to pay for abortions performed in private clinic. Trudeau says New Brunswick is failing to live up to its obligations under the Canada Health Act because it continues to make it difficult for women to access abortions. As a consequence, the federal government is withholding health-care transfers to the province, Trudeau told reporters in Moncton. "Making sure that every woman across this country has access to reliable reproductive services is extremely important to us, and that's why we've continued to impress strongly upon the government of New Brunswick how it needs to keep up its obligations under the Canada Health Act", Trudeau said. New Brunswick law bans government funding for abortions conducted outside three approved hospitals. The provincial government subsidizes abortions at two hospitals in Moncton and one in Bathurst, but it won't cover the cost of the procedure at Clinic 554 in Fredericton. Trudeau said his government will work to ensure everyone in the country has access to abortion, including at Clinic 554 [used to be owned by Morgentaler, Canada's first abortionist].

AbortionTrudeauGraphic AbortionStats TrdeauHomosexualParade TrudeauHomoFlagParliament

Justin Trudeau supports abortion until birth: The Criminal Code of Canada states a child doesn't become a human being until "it has completely proceeded in a living state from the body of its mother". As a result abortion can happen in Canada until birth -- and nearly 100,000 abortions happen every year. Trudeau writes in his memoirs that "We made the Liberal Party a truly liberal party when delegates decisively endorsed a motion defending a woman's right to choose whether to have an abortion".

Abortion in Canada - Statistics: Compiled by Canadian Institute for Health Informaion (CIHI): Average 2007-2014 = 95,000 abortions per year

Trudeau attended Pride marches before assuming the nation's highest office. He will become the first Canadian prime minister to participate in a parade later this summer. He is scheduled to attend the Toronto Pride Parade on July 3, and the Liberal Party is giving away a free trip to join Trudeau at the event -- and fundraise against its political opponents.

Canadian Prime Minister flies Pride flag from Parliament Hill: June 2016 The ceremony marked the flag's first-ever appearance flying in Canada's capital city. The flag is commonly used as a symbol of pride in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer and transgender communities and was displayed in honor of Pride Month. "This is a great day for Canada and it's part of a long series of milestones this country has hit over the years", Trudeau said. "It hasn't been easy, it hasn't been automatic, a lot of people fought for a long time for this day to happen". Several openly gay Liberal Party politicians joined Trudeau at the flag ceremony, and celebrated the event's significance.

PierreMultiCulturalism ImmigrationCanadaFlag JustinMultiCulturalism

Constructing Multiculture in Canada with Multicultural Values: On 8 October 1971, Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau declared in the House of Commons of Canada that, after much deliberation, the policies of bilingualism and multiculturalism would be implemented in Canada. In other words, the Government of Canada would recognize and respect its society including its diversity in languages, customs, religions, and so on. According to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC): "In 1971, Canada was the first country in the world to adopt multiculturalism as an official policy". One result of this policy statement was the Canadian Multiculturalism Act of 1985. In 1982, multiculturalism was recognized by section 27 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and the Canadian Multiculturalism Act was subsequently enacted by Prime Minister Brian Mulroney.

Immigration Nation: January 2017 Statistic Canada's population projectioons to 2036 show visible minorities and people born in other countries will comprise a growing share of Canada's inhabitants. In fact, if current trends continue, nearly half the population will be made up of immigrants and their children within two decades.

Speech Justin Trudeau: "From our earliest days as a nation, through to the official adoption of multiculturalism in 1971 and the later inclusion of this principle in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Canada's strength and vibrancy have long been built on the cornerstone of diversity".

PierreIndianSimon69 GovernorGeneralNative GovernorGeneralExpenses

Mary Simon [future Governor General 52 years later] with Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau in 1969: In 1969, then-prime minister Pierre Trudeau and Indian Affairs minister Jean Chretien tabled Indian policy known today as the White Paper... Inuk representative Mary Simon fiercely debated Trudeau during the hearings... Simon helped negotiate and implement the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement -- often hailed as Canada's first modern treaty -- in the 1970s. She was one of three Inuk negotiators during the patriation of the Constitution during the following decade.

July 2021 Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appoints Canada's first Indigenous [father white/mother Inuk] Governor General [Queen's representative]: Mary Simon [anti-monarchist, colonizer-hater, not bilinqual]

Governor General entourage amass $100,000 in-flight catering bill during trip to Middle East: Simon and her 29 guests, who travelled to London, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait and back, spent $93,117.89 on board the government's CC-150 Polaris aircraft. We're talking about just what they were consuming in-flight. For many Canadians the amount exceeds their household income per year and they spent it on a single trip. The cost of fuel for the trip came in at $248,127.02.

TrudeauHideIndians TrudeauWarBonnet

In 1973, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau's government implemented a new policy to settle aboriginal land claims. The federal government wanted to negotiate modern treaties with the communities living in these regions. The new treaties address matters such as land ownership, fishing and hunting rights, participation in land and resource management, financial compensation, resource revenue sharing and economic development projects. In many cases, the settlement includes an agreement on self-government for the aboriginal group. "The advantage of treaties for First Nations is certainty on the land base and governance. It's a way of ensuring that First Nations are equally represented in the growth of the country". For the federal and provincial governments, the notion of certainty involves clearly determining who owns the land and who can use it.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau won't reveal his beliefs on whether Canada is on stolen Indigenous land. In a press conference on May 24, 2022, Trudeau was asked the direct question by a reporter and he replied that "the story of Canada is a story of people coming together to build a better present and future for generations to come. Canada is a country that consists of Indigenous people who have been here for millennia, who welcomed in settlers, and in some cases, were overrun by settlers and others. But we're a country that exists today with a commitment to always learn from the past and always do better".

PaintingStory TrudeauRaped IndianPaintingUproar

Native Indian artist paints partially nude Prime Minister Trudeau on all fours preparing for "a consensual act" while Indigenous women surrounding him laugh August 2020. Artist Kent Monkman (alter ego Miss Chief Eagle Testicle) paintings recall Western history paintings while dealing with the cruelties the Canadian governmennt inflicted upon Indigenous people. Monkman's exhibition "Shame and Prejudice" focuses on the effects of colonization in context of recent events challenging systemic racism, beginning with the Black Lives Matter uprising and incorprating perspectives of other people of colour.

EmergActEuropeDenounce EmergActCopsTrudeauLie EmergActTrudeauEmbarass

March 2022 European MPs denounce Trudeau's handling of convoy protest and launched blistering attacks accusing the Canadian leader of violating the rights of the "Freedom Convoy" protesters.

May 2022 Trudeau spreads misinformation after cops say they didn't ask for Emergencies Act. When it comes to how the Trudeau Liberals responded to the trucker convoy that took over downtown Ottawa earlier this year, misinformation might be the best word to describe it. From their descriptions of the convoy to the invocation of the Emergencies Act, Justin Trudeau and his team have consistently lied to the Canadian public.

Justin Trudeau has been a national embarrassment. Prime Minister Trudeau didn't shower himself with glory during the Freedom Convoy. His poor strategic decisions, disgraceful comments about the protesters and his declaration of an unnecessary national emergency were heavily criticized. He's been nothing short of a national embarrassment. It's reached a point where some believe his leadership may be on borrowed time.

TrudeauCovidAgain VaxMandateTruckersContinue

June 13 2022 Trudeau has COVID-19 for the second time in six months: Canadian prime minister announced Monday morning he's tested positive for COVID-19, the second time the leaders has caught the virus in less than six months. Trudeau said on Twitter that he's isolating and thanked his vaccinations for making the illness more manageable. "I feel okay, but that's because I got my shots. So, if you haven't, get vaccinated -- and if you can, get boosted. Let's protect our healthcare system, each other, and ourselves", he said.

June 14 2022 Canada loosens vax requirements, but not for cross-border truckers: A loosening of Canadian Covid-19 vaccination requirements will not apply to cross-border truckers, the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) has confirmed. On June 14, 2022 the federal government announced an end to vaccine requirements for federally regulated businesses other than trucking, including for most domestic and international air travelers. Canadians who leave the country will still be required to adhere to other countries' vaccination requirements, including those in in the USA that keep unvaccinated Canadian truckers from crossing the border. Canada will also keep its border closed to unvaccinated truckers. The border vaccination mandate has been in effect in both the USA and Canada since January 2022.

All the best,
Jackie Jura, June 2022

PS - For celebration of Canada's 155th anniversary as a nation, July 1st 1867-2022, the capitol city's parliament buildings (where the government illegally invoked emergency powers against the Freedom Trucker Convoy legally protesting there) is a no-go-zone barricaded (see map) by militarized police deployed from all over Canada (paid travel expenses and overtime). The Trudeau totalitarian tyranny is here. ~jj

ParliamentBlockade ParliamentFenceBlockade ParliamentBlockadeMap

July 1 2022 Here's what to know as Ottawa braces for Canada Day protests amid 'lingering trauma': The nation's capital is bracing for a Canada Day set to draw large crowds after two years of virtual celebrations... But it won't be taking place against the familiar backdrop of the parliamentary buildings. Instead, official celebrations will be based at festival grounds roughly a 20-minute walk west of Parliament Hill, as the parliamentary precinct battens down. Its all part of an effort to prevent a repeat of the three-week truck convoy demonstration by anti-governmental and anti-vaccine individuals that police as well as federal and municipal officials have called an "occupation". "This will be no small task but together we will do everything within our power to keep our city and residents safe".

What are police doing? As of 8am Eastern on Thursday, June 30, Ottawa police are enforcing a motor vehicle control zone in the core... To enforce the zone, police have set up barricades, heavy equipment and police vehicle check points to "filter lawful traffic onto those streets"... Residents should expect to see "a significant police posture and presence throughout the city" and that public order units, traffic teams, tow trucks and quick response teams are in place.

Will police be ready? The operation to successfully remove the so-called "Freedom Convoy" saw a massive influx of law enforcement from jurisdictions across the country and the force has already called in support in anticipation of a need for more assistance this weekend. Multiple police services including the OPP and the RCMP are coming forward with support. To staff this plan we have had to take unprecedented measures to ensure every available officer and police member is deployed. Police are prepared for "multiple scenarios".

FLMleaderMarxist TrudeauTakesKneeBLM TrudeauBlackFaceHate TrudeauBlackFaceComic

PPS - Two years ago, in June 2020 (three months into COVID mandates), Canada's prime minister "took a knee" alongside Black Lives Matter (white lives don't) Communist insurrectionists on Parliament Hill protesting "systemic racism" against blacks by whites. That's true audacity considering Trudeau himself had been embarassingly caught wearing racist black-face. Hypocrisy's a trait son inherited from father.

At the same time he was protesting with blacks against whites on Parliament Hill, Trudeau tried to enact government policy making freedom of speech "hate speech" -- Orwellian "thoughtcrime" -- if used on Social Media in derogatory tones about BIPOC (black indiginous people of colour) or LGBTQ21 (lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender-queer-2spirit-intersex) people. In the last 53 years -- since Trudeau #1 came to power in 1969 -- Canada's civilization, built over the 102 years prior, has been perverted and destroyed. ~jj

PM Trudeau apologise to black soldiers in white man's WW1
TrudeauApologyBlacks NewsReleaseHateCrime
Canada enact new law against racist free speech hate crime
TrudeauTakesKneeBLM TrudeauPenaltyHateSpeech ExecuteMinorityComic
BLM protester PM wants big penalties for freedom protesters
News, July 10, 2022
22.Doublethink & 20.Thought Police

Canada Capitol city a militarized no-go-zone on 155th birthday
ParliamentBlockade ParliamentFenceBlockade ParliamentBlockadeMap
(prevent anti-vax/anti-gov't protests like freedom trucker convoy)
Britain handed Hong Kong colony to Commie China 25 years ago
HandoverChinaMaskSheep SheepMask1984
Hong Kong police arrest kid's book author crackdown on dissent
ComicCloseUp ComicChinaBanSheep ComicMiddlePage
(depicting sheep battling wolves a seditious hate-crime)
News, July 1, 2022
7.Systems of Thought

HerdPower TrudeauUhhIdiot ConvoyBegins
(support across nation/world for Freedom Convoy)
News, June 23, 2022

FringeMinorityTrudeau FringeMinorityBanner MajorityCanadaConspiracy
(believe lives controlled by plots hatched in secret places)
News, June 14, 2022

The Trudeau parody topping Amazon bestselling list
TruckersArrive TrudeauStoleFreedom TrudeauHides
watch How the Prime Minister Stole Freedom
NationalPost/YouTube, June 8, 2022
(PM say small fringe minority expressing unacceptable views)

listen Donald Jeffries & Jackie Jura interview
Radio/Listener, May 20, 2022



1.Winston's Diary & 3.Surveillance & 20.Thought Police & Snitches

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