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Wearing a breathing barrier will harm your health and especially your child's health.
Children have a higher breathing rate than adults and require oxygen more frequently.
Forcing your child to experience an oxygen deficient atmosphere is torture.

On TV news last night I saw a boy sitting in a school chair wearing a mask while a long cotton swab was being shoved up inside the top of his nose. The pain in his eyes as the rubber-gloved hand twisted the swab was excruciating to watch.

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Other news showed a child stopped at the school door and a gun pointed -- and fired -- at his forehead before he could proceed to the gym where he'd be shot in the arm with a needle full of poison.

I don't think, in the history of the world, children have ever been treated so insidiously -- literally handled like lab rats.

The pimps for Big Pharma -- ie corporate-owned government and the media -- have been unrelenting in their solicitation of arms to vax and faces to mask.

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Full-page ads* have been running in local and national newspapers all summer and lie-filled flyers and personal letters to the unvaxxed from government and health authorities have arrived in the mail.

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No mention is made, in the letter, that the signator, the top provincial health official, is being sued by citizens for misrepresenting the science and severity of COVID-19 and depriving citizens of their livelihood, rights and freedoms. Nor does the letter mention that her partner in crime, the top district medical officer, is on paid-leave** awaiting trial on charges of sexual child abuse.

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Doctor Charles Hoffe's Open Letter to Provincial Health Officer Bonnie Henry

LyttonHospital HenryHoffeFire LyttonHospitalFire

Nor does the chief public health officer in the province, in her letter soliciting people get masked and vaxxed, mention that she fired (and then the town burned down) a doctor who'd written her an Open Letter warning of deaths and disabilities he'd witnessed in patients who'd been injected with the experimental genetically-modified COVID vaccine.


The other day, as I was barefacedly walking through the mall not complying with mask mandates (to which, as a human being, I'm exempt) I was approached by another maskless person who handed me a brochure about the dangers of masks and especially their effect on children. This being the long Labour Day Weekend -- after which children go back to school -- I laboured this weekend to scan and transcribe that mask brochure to post on ORWELL TODAY. It's my hope that arming parents with mask knowledge will enable them to make informed decisions that truly protect, not harm, their children.

All the best,
Jackie Jura, September 5, 2021

Scarves & Fabric Masks; Surgical Masks (Spit Masks); KN95 Respirators

by Chris Schaefer, Respirator Expert, SafeCom Training Services Inc
(teaching and conducting respirator fit testing for over 20 years)

Government Health Services mandate that all Canadians wear an H95 disposable, surgical or non-medical mask in public to reduce the likelihood of transmitting or developing a condition from the coronavirus -- known as COVID-19...


Respirator Masks Engineered for Breathing

The mandated disposable N95, surgical and non-medical masks are not actually by definition even masks at all.... The mandated closed cover traps hazardously high concentrations of exhaled carbon dioxide, thereby causing the restriction of available oxygen, which the wearer is forced to inhale. It is very hazardous to re-inhale your exhaled carbon dioxide. These covers that are mandated are simply -- breathing barriers. I also refer to them as closed covers and instruments of self-suffocation...

Breathing Barriers Trap Carbon Dioxide and Lower Oxygen

...These closed cover breathing barriers cause the wearer exposure to high carbon dioxide and low oxygen levels that are rated as Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health (IDLH)... If hazardous air for yourself and your children isn't enough of a concern for you to ditch the breathing barrier, then I have a couple more good reasons for you...


Closed Covers Breed Harmful Bacteria

...Besides trapping exhaled carbon dioxide and creating a low oxygen atmosphere, these breathing barriers also trap heat and moisture... 99% of all viral particles are airborne and enter our eyes and pores of our skin just as easily as mouth and nose... It is impossible for a piece of cloth or paper fitted over your mouth and nose, to protect you or anyone else from viral transmission... By trapping heat and moisture, the inside material of your cover stays warm and moist, which is the perfect environment for harmful bacteria to form, grow and multiply, right in front of your mouth and nose. These closed covers are all bacteria generators... Trapping heat and moisture also causes the degradation of the material of the cover which can cause the user to inhale the chemicals and fibers used in the manufacture of the cover...

Our Children at Risk

... Wearing a breathing barrier will harm your health and especially your child's health. Children have a higher breathing rate than adults and require oxygen more frequently. Forcing your child to experience an oxygen deficient atmosphere is torture. This does not include the forced chemical sanitizers our children are subject to in schools several times a day.

HandSanitizer HandPoison

These sanitizers falsely called "hand" are poison. Many chemicals, including sanitizer, can enter our blood and organs simply through skin absorption, the exact same way that a nicotine medication patch does. Lastly, read the sanitizer label, it kills 99.99% of BACTERIA, not viruses. It has NO EFFECT on viruses. We have alot of healthy bacteria in our bodies for digestion and other functions. What effect does this absorbed poison have on that? ...So breathing barriers and hand sanitizers cause us harm, despite what you have been told by Government Health Services...

watch TRUTH ABOUT MASKS listen
(be aware of the harm that you are doing and stop it, stop it immediately)

Serious issues with chemicals in at-home COVID tests
PoisonSkullSymbol EthyleneOxideEO Swab/MaskEthyleneOxide
watch Carcinogenic EO in swab up nose & mask on face
HomeTestSodiumAzide SodiumAxideNa
watch How to use deadly NaN3 self-test COVID kit
News/YouTube, Jan 10, 2022

How dare you not wear a mask!
You could infect vaccinated people!!

"What I DIDN'T do on my Summer Vacation"
Returning students didn't do much over Covid summer

watch Crying Toddler at Daycare Forced to Wear Face Mask, YouTube

watch SlimGoodBody The Inside Story: Slim Goodbody The Superhero of Health, also known as Slim Goodbody, is a fictional character created and performed by John Burstein. Burstein created the character in 1975. He performs wearing a sometimes white, sometimes peach colored unitard with various tissues, organs and organ systems painted in biologically-accurate locations and sizes. Each costume costs $4,000. Burstein has been championing children's health for over forty years. Currently, his productions are seen by millions of children on Discovery Education. His live shows tour theaters around the country...

Science shows COVID vaccines cause blood clots
Doc Hoffe under investigation by College of Physicians
(promoting vaccine hesitancy by warning of vax clots)
Justice Centre defends Doc Hoffe free speech
News, October 2021

watch We Stand On Guard For Thee Vaccine Mandate Protest, YouTube (On September 1st 2021 people in British Columbia came together to protest the approaching vaccine orders. The people want freedom of choice and to protect their freedoms and rights they were born with...)

From Shots to Clots, TrialSite News, Aug 2021 ( Americans who have taken COVID vaccine shots and those who have refused to capitulate to the coercion and propaganda are ill-informed about blood clots. This article provides summaries of key recently published research on two types of observed blood clots -- microscopic and relatively large size -- that merit serious attention and concern. One inevitable conclusion is that the FDA with support from big media is not doing its job to ensure truly informed consent by those taking vaccine shots. Canadian physician Dr Charles Hoffe has been practicing medicine for 28 years in a small, rural town in British Columbia, Canada, and recently gave a long interview. He has given about 900 doses of the Moderna experimental mRNA vaccine to his patients. So, contrary to some critics, he is no anti-vaccine doctor. The core problem he has seen are microscopic clots in his patients' tiniest capillaries. He said "Blood clots occurring at a capillary level....)

TrudeauStandsForChink KingCovidCourt Canadian activist Patrick King Interview, Stop the Presses, RBN, September 15, 2021 (King exposes the fact that the authorities in Alberta, Canada cannot produce proof they've ever isolated the COVID-19 VIRUS: King explains his court fight... During protest in Ottawa on September 18 King will present documents to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau showing the total lack of evidence for an isolated SARS-Cov-2 "coronavirus" causing "Covid-19" -- which in turn establishes that there has never been any basis for the whole covid crackdown and lockdown, forced masking, and coercive vaccine policies in Canada and beyond. Tune in to hear the details on these matters and even deeper matters that you're going to want to learn about...

watch Huge! Canadian court victory proves COVID-19 is a hoax & all restrictions have now been dropped, interview Patrick King, StewPetersTV, Aug 3, 2021

LawsuitHenryGovtPg2 No comments from defendant, Dr Bonnie Henry, on Class Action lawsuit, Legal Press, Aug 14, 2021

LawsuitHenryGovt LawsuitHenryGovtPg2 Lawsuit against gov't COVID tyranny proceeding Judge sets Certification Hearing for Class Action Lawsuit Against Dr Bonnie Henry & BC Government, Medicine Matters, August 25, 2021

SwimmerSwimming SwimmerPodium SwimmerRefuseMask USA Olympic swimming star chose not to wear a mask, Globe & Mail, July 31, 2021
...Based on Team USA's own figures, about 100 American competitors in Tokyo (roughly one in six) are unvaccinated. Only Mr Andrew seemed anxious to talk about it. "Going to the Games not only unvaccinated, but as an American, I'm representing my country in multiple ways and the freedoms we have to make a decision like that... For me, it's pretty hard to breathe in after kind of sacrificing my body in the water... So I feel like my health is a little more tied to being able to breathe than protecting what's coming out of my mouth..."

HenryVaccineHesitancy *Dr Bonnie Henry joins national campaign to end vaccine hesitancy (In the wake of soaring cases of coronavirus the This Is Our Shot campaign aims to spread the message that vaccines are safe -- and everyone needs to roll up their sleeves...), May 17, 2021

TopDocStats TopDocSalary **Dr Bonnie Henry Salary & Net Worth (The top Provincial Health Officer, whose tyrannical COVID scamdemic orders have thrown hundreds of thousands of citizens and businesses out of work is a 'public servant' (ie allegedly serving the public) whose tax-funded annual salary ranges from $200,000-$500,000... She has an estimated net worth ranging from $5-10 million)


DocsSpeakOut watch DOCTORS SPEAK OUT TO PROTECT KIDS (masks-isolation-tests-sanitizers-vaccines cause harm)


KidsMasksBacteria Masks are bacteria traps on kid's breathing orifices (gov't mandated masks is cruel form of child abuse), Global, June 2021 (A group of Florida parents cultured their children's masks and found dangerous bacteria, parasites, and fungi...)

WHOvaccineExperiments listen Parents allow Covid vaccine trials on their kids & Covid vaccine experimental 6-month to 11-yr-old humans, May 2021

MasksKidsSchool MasksKidsSchool MasksKidsRules2 What Kids Wearing Masks in Elementary School Looks Like ("Don't blow your nose or chew on your mask")

ChemicalCocktail ChemicalCocktail ChemicalCocktail listen Dangerous Hazardous Chemicals in Face Masks & watch Nano-Worms in Face Masks Under Microscope

MaskRecall MaskRecall MaskRecall listen Canada recalls masks causining lung toxicity when breathing

CovidSwabNanoTech CovidSwabInsertDevice watch Covid swab test contains micro-machines & Nanotech devices turn humans into cell-phones

watch JURA TALKING COVID & ORWELL, One Radio Network, August 19, 2020

HandCoverMouth HorsemanWearMask CovidIntoNeedle COVID MASK OF THE BEAST

CovidDocChina CANADA COVID DOC WORKS FOR CHINA (MP Sloan demanded Canada's top public health doctor be fired because she's a puppet of WHO & Communist China... Chinese immigrant Theresa Tam refused to resgin and has advanced WHO's COVID agenda completely unhindered and unchallenged. Wearing masks has now been mandated and will be enforced if people don't comply. Some people have voluntarily been wearing masks for months and shun and look with glaring eyes at anyone who isn't...), April 29, 2020

14.Scientific Experimentation and VACCINES BIO-CHEM WARFARE

Jackie Jura
~ an independent researcher monitoring local, national and international events ~