This section of Orwell Today lists words and phrases that have sinister intent behind them. Their true meaning is usually an exact opposite of their definition.

This doublespeak list is by no means complete and at the moment represents just the blaring examples I've noticed since the 9-11 atrocities. I've heard or read them on tv, radio and in news stories.

~ United Nations International Day of Peace (which happens to be September 11) ~
~ surgical shooting ~
~ collateral damage ~
~ crusade ~
~ Operation Infinite Justice ~
~ Operation Noble Eagle ~
~ Carnegie Endowment for International Peace ~
~ Council for a Livable World ~
~ Office of Homeland Security ~
~ World Health Organization ~
~ New World Order ~
~ National Security Agency ~
~ United Nations Security Council ~
~ Free Trade ~
~ Secretary of Defence ~
~ Operation Enduring Freedom ~
~ peacekeeping ~
~ Nobel Peace Prize ~
~ European Court of Human Rights ~
~ Freedom and Justice ~
~ War Against Terrorism ~
~ Fortress America ~
~ Human Rights Tribunal ~
~ White House spokesman Ari Fleiser: The Bush administration is doing
"everything possible to make America as safe as can be." ~
~ Health and Human Services~
~ bye bye 49th parallel, hello "North American Security Perimeter" ~
~ Terrorist expert: "We need a 'Citizenship Card' to 'protect' basic liberties"~
~ new Anti-Terrorism legislation - the "Patriot Act" ~
~ US Postal Service issues patriotic stamp: "United We Stand" ~
~ Greyhound considering 'airport-style security measures' in major bus stations ~
~ 'Indian Summer' now 'First Nations Summer' ~
~ Continentalism (includes Canada, the United States and the 'great unknown of Mexico')~
~ sky marshals ~
~ Planned Parenthood ~
~ Population Control ~
~ Center for Disease Control and Prevention ~
~ Coalition of Nations ~
~ Coalition is dropping "Humanitarian Aid" on Afghanistan ~
~ "Peace and freedom will prevail" says USA President ~
~ Coast Guard's "Operation Guarding Liberty" ~
~ "fighting the war on terrorism here at home" ~
~ Bush: "We're going to be relentless as we tighten the net of justice." ~
~ Canada's anti-terrorism mission has been christened "Operation Apollo" in honour of a Greek god
creditied as the 'protector of men' and a god of 'light and truth'
(which begs the question "Whose god do the planners worship?") ~
~ Britain's involvement named "Operation Veritas" ~
~ "This is Act One, and Act Two is, so far, undetermined" says British official. ~
~ All we are saying is, "Give Peace a Chance" ~
~ American flags are made in Communist China ~
~ Liberty Plaza Memorial ~
~ Canadian government in "profitable partnership" or "employer quid pro quo" with Canadian businesses
to solve its "recruiting and retention problems" of "younger reservists" ~
~ "Our freedom will be interrupted" ~
~"I can't wait to vist with my friend Vladmir Putin in Shanghai...I hope that
he will join us in a new strategic relationship." - USA President ~
~ "We do not want to become a police state. We do not want to transgress on peoples' liberties."
Canada's Minister of Transport announcing thumb & iris scans etc" ~
~ Human Resource Center ~
~ Eurojust ~
~ "We're in the business of rooting out terrorists and creating a very high cost for those who decide
they think it's in their interest to harbour terrorists," USA Secretary of Defense ~
~ PATRIOT bill approved (PATRIOT stands for
"Provide Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism"
and gives the State unprecedented sureillance powers over the American people
in the name of War On Terrorism ~
~ the 2,000-pound bomb that went astray would cause
"a significant emotional event for anyone within a square mile" ~
~ "preventive arrest" ~
~ "the worried well" (paranoid patients want medication for anthrax anxiety) ~
~ dignitaries seeing off the Canadian troops from Halifax harbour wore "invisible ribbons" ~
~ "...making the world more safe" - spoken by President Shrub of USA ~
~ "breaking new ground in Afghanistan" ~
~ Homeland Security ~
~ "We have to defeat the enemies and then we will be able to
create a community of nations" says Kissinger ~
~"It is preposterous for anybody to think that this tape is doctored" - President Bush


Jackie Jura
~ an independent researcher monitoring local, national and international events ~
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