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Merchants of Misery: Inside Canada's Illegal Drug Scene, by Victor Malarek


"Illegal drugs are the most potent social evil facing Canada today.
If we don't respond to the drug crisis soon,
we are in danger of losing thousands of young people to crime and
of turning sections of our cities into drug-dominated war zones."

I've owned the book MERCHANTS OF MISERY for many years and recently -- in light of the heroin epidemic raging across North America -- I pulled it out from the shelf. When the book was published in 1989, most of the heroin came from Burma, Laos and Thailand (GOLDEN TRIANGLE). Now, for the past 15 years -- since North America invaded Afghanistan in 2001 -- most of the heroin comes from Afghanistan (GOLDEN CRESCENT) where over a hundred-thousand American and Canadian troops occupy the country. You don't have to be a brain surgeon to conclude that the governments of Canada and the USA are enabling the heroin trade from beginning to end -- from field to vein.

PoppyFieldSoldierUSA AfghanHeroinSoldierGuard
Afghanistan 224,000 hectares opium/6,400 tons heroin
(USA/EU soldiers could easily erradicate poppy fields)
HeroinAfghanSource PoppyLapel HeroinEpidemic2016
Heroin epidemic deaths/new users all across America
Remembrance Day, November 11, 2016

Many articles posted on ORWELL TODAY over the years, including last week on REMEMBRANCE DAY 2016, point out that the USA and Canadian governments could easily destroy the poppy fields in Afghanistan if they chose to. The fact that our soldiers are guarding the poppies, instead of destroying the poppies (and replacing the fields with wheat and other edible crops for the people) is proof beyond doubt that politicians, from all parties, are totally corrupt and profiting financially from the heroin epidemic.

Price List for Heroin from Grower to Street Level, page 249

In re-reading MERCHANTS OF MISERY last week it occurred to me that the vast majority of people -- including the millions of victims -- probably don't really know how a poppy becomes heroin and so I've scanned and excerpted the pages describing the process and inserted images at pertinent passages.

China White, pages 70-71

...Every autumn in the Golden Triangle, thousands of impoverished hill-tribe peasants slash and burn hundreds of acres of prime forest to clear a patch of land in which to plant tiny, black poppy seeds. After a few months, the steep hillsides are covered in a lush, floral tapestry of crimson reds, dusty pinks, lemon yellows and deep violets.

PoppyFieldFlowering PoppyFieldWorker PoppyPickResin

Once the poppy petals fall to the ground, the peasants swarm over the fields with small, three-pronged carving knives, making shallow horizontal incisions into the green, egg-sized poppy pods protruding from spindly four-foot stems. Within seconds, a thick, milk-white sap begins to ooze onto the surface of the pod. As it congeals, it turns brownish-black. The next morning, the peasants flock back to the fields to scrape the hardened residue of raw opium off the pods. The work is gruelling; an entire acre yeilds only about 2 kilograms of raw opium. For the impoverished hill-tribe peasants, opium represents their most lucrative cash crop, paying up to $1600 for 10 kilograms....

Once the raw opium is collected, it is then picked up by bands of armed mercenaries commanded by opium warlords who control vast regions in the Golden Triangle. The opium is transported by porter, mule and horse caravan along winding, treacherous trails cut through dense rain forest and taken to remote jungle laboratories. There, ethnic Chiu Chau Chinese chemists transform the raw opium into morphine base. The chemists and their apprentices are brought into the jungles on a fee-for-service basis or for a percentage of the profits on the wholesale market. The term "chemist" does not imply any academic knowledge or qualification. In fact, the chemists are more like chefs mixing prescribed ingredients to a set recipe. Deviating from the recipe can result in variations of strength, taste and color. One crucial stage involves ether and a mistake can trigger a violent and deadly explosion, which will level the lab and destroy the heroin. During the refining process, the opium is reduced to one-tenth its original weight.

China White, pages 72-73

At a sprawling, dusty military complex outside Chiang Mai in northern Thailand, the commander of the Border Patrol Police described the refining process at a makeshift jungle lab set up in a large conference room adjacdent to his office. First, he said, the chemist heats water in a large steel drum. When it reaches the right temperature -- the chemist usually knows this by testing it with his finger -- the opium is dumped in and stirred until it dissolves. Lime is then added, causing the morphine to bubble to the surface in a white froth and the vegetable materials to sink to the bottom of the drum as sludge. The froth is quickly scooped out and filtered through flannel cloth into a nearby drum. At this stage, ammonium chloride is added, causing the morphine to solidify and sink to the bottom. After separating and drying, the morphine looks like finely ground coffee, and still possesses the distinct, pungent odor of opium.

The chemist must now decide whether to produce heroin number 3, a smokable form preferred by the majority of heroin addicts in Asia, or heroin number 4, the injectable form preferred by the more than 750,000 addicts in North America. Number 3 is beige in color, granular in form, and normally has a purity of about 40 to 60 per cent. It is not water-soluble and cannot be injected. Number 4 is a fine, fluffy, white powder with a purity of anywhere from 85 to 99 per cent.

HeroinBagsPowder HeroinNeedleSpoon

Notes seized from a Chiu Chau chemist show that the recipes for both types of heroin are almost identical, except for the final "crystallization" stage producing number 4 heroin. The process involves heating the morphine with a slightly more than equal weight of acetic anhydride in an enamel bin or glass flask. After about six hours, the morphine and the acid become chemically bonded, creating diacetylmorphine (the chemical name for heroin). After being allowed to cool, the compound is treated with water and chloroform to dissolve the impurities which sink to the bottom of the container. The top aqueous layer is then drained off by decanting or siphoning into another drum. Sodium carbonate or ammonia is added to this liquid to neutralize the acetic acid, making the solution alkaline. After standing for a while, the heroin will slowly precipitate and is then removed by filtration. At the end of this stage, the product is heroin number 3.

The same steps are followed in the manufacture of number 4 heroin up to and including the point where the heroin is separated from the solution by the addition of sodum carbonate. At this point, it is dissolved in ethyl alcohol, then filtered through a layer of activated charcoal and filter paper to remove impurities. In the final stage, concentrated hydrochloric acid is added to the alcohol solution along with an amount of ether equivalent to at least twice the volume of alcohol. The pure heroin hydrochloride, which is not soluble in either, then precipitates from the solution. At this stage in the process, the recipe seized from a Chiu Chau chemist states: "...add 2-3 mugs of ether, and a few minutes later when flashing like golden stars is seen, add more ether slowly. Meanwhile, stir evenly with a bamboo spatula until the crystals are completely formed. (Add faster if it forms quickly, slow down if it forms slowly)"....

~ end quoting Merchants of Misery ~

As stated above, the governments of Canada and the USA know exactly where the heroin is coming from -- the heroin that's been declared an "epidemic" and is addicting and killing hundreds of thousands of illegal users. The heroin comes from Afghanistan, where over a hundred thousand American and Canadian soldiers have been stationed this past 15 years and who are, in reality, overseeing the cultivation and transportation out of the country of the opium -- raw and processed into heroin.

PoppyFieldSoldierUSA   AfghanHeroinSoldierGuard

So if the government really wants to stop the heroin cum opioid epidemic -- instead of supplying the demand through its illegal-drug industry programs all funded by the taxpayer -- why doesn't the government use the Canadian and American soldiers to destroy the poppy fields? The Afghani people want that. Afterall, before the North Americans came in 2001, there were hardly any poppy fields. I, personally, was in Afghanistan in the early 70s when the country was thriving in its own way. I was eating oranges grown there.

In the news today there's another major article decrying the "opioid epidemic" in Canada saying that the government needs to start counting how many heroin and other opiod deaths there are each year by tracking overdoses in hospital emergency wards compared to those who die after being admitted.


OpiatAbuseTracking OpiatAbuseTracking

Nowhere in the article -- or on TV news where the 'opiod epidemic' is nightly the talk of the town -- is it ever explained to the citizens of Canada and the USA that there is a very simple solution to the heroin epidemic. It could be stopped 'in its tracks' -- almost instantly -- by destroying the poppy fields in Afghanistan. That the governments of Canada and the USA don't do this proves, in my opinion, that they're up to their eyeballs in the illegal-drug trade. Our political leaders are purveyors of evil feeding off human misery.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

Opioid poisoning puts more Canadians in hospital each year (here's what Ottawa plans to do), GlobeMail, Nov 17, 2016

FentanylChinaAction FentanylChinaMade FentanylChinaMade OpioidPoisonPills Chinese fentanyl poisoning America's heroin addicts (synthetic opium made from chemicals not poppies). Nov 11-20, 2016

Drug-checking machines test illegal drugs for illegal users
(don't work for fentanyl/cost gov't agents $250,000+)
Naloxone opioid antidote is no cure in heroin epidemic
(produces sense of normalcy/security around heroin use)
Opioid overdoses not limited to street users
Canada cuts-off opioid funding to dying patients
(to prevent illegal drug users obtaining opioids)
Canada plans free heroin/opioids at drug injection sites
HeroinEpidemic HeroinAfghanGrow AfghanWarDead
watch Afghan War enables global heroin trade/epidemic
(USA military surveillance can track farms/opium routes)
watch Afghan children/civilian war deaths surge
GM/AlJazeer/MintPress Jul 26, 2016

PoppyLapel AfghanHeroinField
Afghan heroin flooding Europe/USA/CAN/UK/OZ/NZ
(despite tax-funded US$20-billion to counter-narcotics)
Heroin use on rise -- Poppy crops thrive
NBC/DailyCaller, Nov 11, 2015
& Ministry of Peace (War) & BB Brotherhood

Communist atrocities galvanize Afghanistan
(people arrested/tortured/killed/mass graves)
NewYorkTimes, Nov 13, 2013
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Afghan heroin soars under UN troops
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