Indians in Canada and the United States are making outrageous demands regarding ownership of land. In British Columbia they've laid claim to over 90% of the province. Every province in Canada - to varying degrees - is in the process of "negotiating" Indian land claims.

Considering their almost non-existent population in comparison to non-Indians - less than one million in a Canada of 30 million - and their status as tax RECIPIENTS, not tax PAYERS - one wonders where they get their clout. Why are they being taken seriously and why are vast tracts of public land "off limits" to development until a decision in their favour is reached? Obviously they are being backed by very powerful people - very powerful non-Indian people.

I have a theory, which is best explained by a word picture.

- Imagine the Indians to be a crying baby.

- Imagine the rest of the population to be a strong, well-armed adult.

- Imagine the organizers behind the Indians to be an international banker.

- Imagine the public land to be candy.

- Imagine the government to be a tool of the banker.

- Imagine the banker wants the candy.

- Imagine the government telling the adult to give the candy to the baby.

- Imagine the adult doing so.

- Imagine the banker taking the candy from the baby.

- Imagine the banker laughing all the way to the bank.

This, in theory, is what will occur when the Indians get power-to-borrow using their claimed land as collateral.

It's not rocket science. It will be as easy as taking candy from a baby.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

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All across the land, native leaders are beating the drums for tomorrow's National Day of Action. The point of the protests, they claim, is to "educate" the rest of us about the terrible conditions endured by aboriginals. "Poverty among Canada's first nations peoples rivals Third World conditions," explains Phil Fontaine, national chief of the Assembly of First Nations. "It's this country's dirty little secret." If so, it's the worst-kept secret in the world. You'd have to be brain dead not to be aware of the poverty of the reserves, the awful housing, the bad water, the sickness, the suicides, the hopelessness. People have grown weary of this story because it never changes. Kashechewan and Davis Inlet and Pikangikum all blur together. Those poor children, they say. And then they change the channel. Everyone is trapped in the narrative we've constructed to explain it. The Europeans arrived, wiped out most of the natives, stole their land and tried to stamp out their culture. All the dysfunction of aboriginal communities stems from the original sins of the conquerors. Only the restoration of their land and culture (plus more money) will restore their dignity and fortunes. We now have a vast Indian industry of chiefs, government bureaucrats, lawyers, consultants and academics that is heavily invested in this narrative. Many of these people are well-meaning. They are also the chief obstacles to change, because their remedies make the problems worse....




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Sask Indians get $95M land claim deal (gov't dishonest in 1907 says Indian Claims Commission). National Post, Jun 22, 2002

Indian Act revision ignores economic needs: Aboriginal banker (Indians have trouble getting bank loans). National Post, Jun 17, 2002
Legislation fails to provide real economic tools native communities need to become more self-sufficient, says Brian Davey, head of a Bay Street aboriginal investment bank and chief executive officer and founder of First Nations Equity. Davey, whose firm raises capital exclusively for aboriginal groups and companies, keeps a close eye on business dealings between the private sector and First Nations communities ... Many aboriginal businesses trying to get bank loans have trouble qualifying due to provisions of the Indian Act that prohibit the seizure and mortgage of personal property of an aboriginal person or nation, for example... First Nations governance should include tax legislation to attract investment into their communities... Financial instruments that could open the doors to investment include tax-exempt bonds for First Nations... labour sponsored equity funds for First Nations could be sold to the general public.

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