To Orwell Today,

Dear Ms. Jura,

I think that your site is very revealing and more people should read it. However, there is one problem that undercuts your credibility. The media has done such a god job of marginalizing JFK conspiracy theorists, and this limits your effect on people who are undecided. While your arguments are compelling and possibly true, those who do not already agree with you will be turned off.

I recently have seen another example of the creep of government control. There is a New Jersey school district testing iris scanners for identification. Of course this is being funded by Ashcroft's (In)Justice Department. Here is one URL about this:

Keep up the good work.
Mike C

Dear Mike,

JFK is one of the reasons this website exists so contrary to your suggestion, I will never stop talking about him.

If it hadn't been for the assassination of President Kennedy, I would not have been digging around in the cesspool wherein I found the perpetrators of all the other horrific events that have occurred in this world - and are still occurring as we speak. It was while lifting up rocks looking for JFK's killers that I spotted all the other creepy crawlies. No, it hasn't been pleasant, but I am highly motivated.

The physical and character assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy is one of the greatest travesties ever perpertrated on mankind. Now, forty years down the road, we are all being figuratively slaughtered one way or the other by the same beasts who killed him. Allowing them to get away with his murder has resulted in the destruction of the civilized world. We're on a downward spiral - heading fast into 1984.

There IS such a thing as a "good" human being. John Fitzgerald Kennedy was good. That's why they killed him.

If you want to shake off the brainwashing you've been subjected to regarding his life and death, you could read some of the books I recommend on my reading list. Then you could learn for yourself what kind of a person JFK was, and the effect his death has had on the United States and the rest of the world. You'd be amazed.

The creeps who arranged his murder run the whole show. They run the printing presses and radio and television media. They're the ones who have been telling all the lies all these years so that the only thing the average twenty year-old knows about Kennedy is that "he slept with Marilyn Monroe" - a totally unfounded lie that's been shoved down everyone's gullet. Go to The Posthumous Assassination of JFK Part One and Part Two.

It takes time and effort to dig out the truth. Most people are content to have their information spoon fed to them. Orwell called it "prolefeed".

If you don't want to hear good and truthful things about JFK, you've come to the wrong website.

~ Jackie Jura

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