Today the news says that the island of Nauru has lost communication with the rest of the world and we have lost communication with it. Nauru - to those who are not informed regarding American history - is the island where JFK swam to and was rescued from during WWII after his boat was sunk by a Japanese destroyer.

The natives of Nauru and environs have a strong emotional attachment to JFK and have built memorials in his honour. One of those memorials was a replica of the dugout canoe that was used to carry JFK from Nauru. It was hand-made by one of the native rescuers just last year when Max Kennedy was there with National Geographic. It was intended that the canoe be displayed in Washington DC for all Americans to view, in remembrance of their fallen President.

The natives, like myself and many others, have never forgotten JFK and he is constantly in their thoughts and prayers. How sad JFK would be to learn about the fate of those islanders. Today Nauru has been strip-mined and left barren. The corporate communists of the world use its name as the home-country of their corrupt business ventures so to avoid paying taxes in their true country of origin. As the following article attests, one PO Box number has 400 banks registered to it.

Nauru is symbolic of the past being destroyed and making way for the future. What happened in Nauru could happen here once we're stripped bare and divided among the money jackals. ~ Jackie Jura

Island state loses touch with world
Last message from Nauru referred to 'critical situation'
National Post, Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Nauru, a tiny Pacific island that boasts an inordinate number of offshore banks, seems to have fallen off the face of the Earth.

A few weeks ago, amid rumours of political unrest, its entire telecommunications network collapsed, cutting off its 12,000 inhabitants from the outside world.

Things are apparently so bad on the island, a tiny speck in the southwest Pacific, no one in the outside world is sure who the country's president is any more.

Nauru's telephone system shut down in early January during a period of political chaos. Since then, the only contact with the island has been through ships equipped with satellite telephones that have made stops there.

Nauru diplomats stationed in New Zealand recently told Agence France-Presse that, apart from these calls, they have been out of touch with their country for weeks.

In one of the last messages transmitted from the island, which was discovered by a British navigator in 1789, Nauru was said to be in "a critical situation."

The message, which was believed to have come from Bernard Dowiyogo, the President, said many people had not been paid since last year and the 21-square-kilometre island had gone broke.

But it is not clear if Mr. Dowiyogo is really in charge.

The last communication came during a tense political battle between the President and Rene Harris, the former president and the man he is reported to have unseated in January after a vote of no confidence. Adding to Nauru's problems is the fact that whoever is in power has no money to rule and faces a deadlocked parliament. Moreover, the presidential residence was reported burned to the ground last month.

Repeated calls to various government agencies on Nauru yesterday resulted in dead silence on the line. Calls to its consular offices in Honolulu and Guam also went unanswered.

A woman who answered the telephone at Nauru's permanent United Nations mission in New York said she had not heard the island's telecommunications system had collapsed.

The mission maintains contact through Nauru's consular representation in Melbourne, Australia, she said.

When asked whether or not she knew who was in charge on Nauru, she referred the caller to the Melbourne consulate.

"We only deal with UN matters here," she said before hanging up.

A spokeswoman at Nauru's consulate in Melbourne, which is the island's most important foreign mission, said President Dowiyogo was indeed in charge. However, nobody has heard anything from the island since the satellites that support the island's telecommunications facilities went down two weeks ago.

"We can't communicate," added the woman, who did not want to be identified.

"We only hear about something when someone there manages somehow to get a message out." She said the satellites are being fixed and communications are expected to resume shortly.

The chaotic state of communications on Nauru resembles the tiny country's own economic chaos. The island, which was ruled jointly by Australia, Britain and New Zealand before gaining independence in 1968, once boasted the world's highest per-capita income through its profitable phosphate mining.

But the reserves of guano -- fossilized bird droppings -- are expected to run out by the end of this year.

This leaves Nauru, a pock-marked rocky outcrop, with no other resources. Everything from water to food and fuel must be imported.

To diversify its economy, the government has been developing alternative industries, including offshore banking and tourism.

But it came under fire after investigators traced funding sources for terrorist attacks to its offshore banks.

Law enforcement agencies around the world accuse Nauru of allowing money laundering to flourish. Everyone from international terrorists to the Russian mafia reportedly has accounts on the island. In one case, investigators found more than 400 banks registered to a single mailbox.

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