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In the news today* there's a story about the success of anti-boy T-shirts and how the negative publicity about them is actually increasing sales. This is just one more example of the male bashing that's been going on now for thirty years and about which Orwell warned us.

In 1984 Orwell discussed the phenomenon of "tall, muscular, blond-haired, vital, sunburnt and carefree" males being villified and replaced with "small, dark, beetle-like men who flourish in the ministries". He explained how Big Brother had destroyed the relationship between men and women and replaced the family with institutions and artificial insemination. He described how girls were taught in school how to despise boys and that women were "the most bigoted adherents of the Party, the swallowers of slogans, the amateur spies and nosers-out of unorthodoxy."

Orwell said the reason Big Brother didn't like men and women "forming loyalties" was because "the true love instinct was dangerous to the Party".

Do the wives and mothers of normal white males ever get tired of their husbands and sons being constantly maligned and attacked in the mainstream media? I sure do. A few years ago I wrote a letter-to-the-editor on this very subject. It appeared in the July 7th, 2000 edition of the local daily newspaper under the heading:


It's my pleasure to announce the formation of a new group, WHAM.

WHAM is open to people who love WHAMs (White, Heterosexual, Able-bodied Males) and believe they need to be represented more fairly in the media. After all, they were at one time considered the backbone of this country. Now they have become a persecuted majority against whom all other groups are forming.

WHAMs deserve their week in the sun. I'd like to see the government proclaim WHAM PRIDE WEEK wherein banners would fly and white, heterosexual, able-bodied males would parade down the street wearing whatever they chose shouting slogans and carrying signs. I bet the streets would be packed!

Canada's birthday, July 1, is already encompassed in LESBIAN AND GAY PRIDE WEEK but maybe January 1 through 7 is available. It would be a better option anyway. That way we could start the New Year off right!

Anyone wanting more information on WHAM can contact me. My number is in the book under my WHAM's name, Robert.

~ Jackie Jura

The disappearing male (studies show rise in birth defects, infertility among men). Windsor Star, Nov 6, 2008
Are males becoming an endangered species? That's the question scientists and researchers have been pondering since alarming trends in male fertility rates, birth defects and disorders began emerging around the world. More and more boys are being born with genital defects and are suffering from learning disabilities, autism and Tourette's syndrome, among other disorders. Male infertility rates are on the rise and the quality of an average man's sperm is declining, according to some studies. But perhaps the most disconcerting of all trends is the growing gender imbalance in many parts of heavily industrialized nations, where the births of baby boys have been declining for many years. What many scientists are calling the most important -- and least publicized -- issue surrounding the future of the human race will be highlighted in a CBC documentary that features two Windsor researchers who've studied the phenomenon. Titled The Disappearing Male and premiering tonight at 9 on CBC-TV, the documentary includes interviews with Jim Brophy and Margaret Keith, adjunct sociology professors at the University of Windsor....

Excluding white males rescinded (gov't racist & discriminatory). OttawaSun, Nov 23, 2005

White males need not apply. National Post, Nov 19, 2005
A major federal department has temporarily banned the hiring of able-bodied white men. Managers in the Public Works department must hire only visible minorities, women, aboriginals and the disabled, except with written permission from their superiors, David Marshall, the deputy minister, ordered in an e-mail circulated yesterday.


Hate Crime Bill Passes House in a Historic Vote. Civilrights.org, September 26, 2005
Hate crime prevention advocates applauded the September 14 bipartisan House vote (223-199) on a new bill that would expand federal hate crimes laws....expands the definition of hate crimes to include offenses involving actual or perceived religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability

Reader says male/boy bashing is a very real and very serious problem

MANHUNT SLAUGHTER BUFFET (most violent video game of all time & user friendly for 12-yr olds). Globe & Mail, Mar 8, 2004. Go to 25.Prolefeed & 35.Brotherhood

Reader says Orwell & Hitler are dark haired, blue-eyed WHAMs

STAN the (almost) man (dummy's name means 'Standard Man' for military medics to practice on). Calgary Herald, Mar 7, 2004. Go to 14.Scientific Experimentation & UNCLE SAMUEL WANTS YOU!

* Anti-boy t-shirt craze (female subversion of male power; hidden agenda to downgrade boys). Reuters, Mar 4, 2004
The maker of T-shirts emblazoned with slogans like "Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them" says business is booming despite -- or maybe because of -- protests that led some major U.S. retailers to stop selling them. The shirts have been around for three years, but were recently thrust into the national spotlight by pundits debating whether feminism impugns the rights of males and whether a T-shirt could be an instrument of oppression...The shirts that recently came under fire cast aspersions on young males with slogans like "Boys are smelly" and "Boys have cooties."...But last month, talk-radio host Glenn Sacks launched a campaign against stores carrying Todd merchandise, citing them as a threat to male self-esteem and a sign of an anti-male culture that has caused boys to fare poorly in schools...

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