There are hidden messages in the entertainment we've been naively exposed to all these years. The writers and actors seem to be under the control of sinister forces.

Take for example the "WHO" album "Tommy" that was made into a movie in the 70s. It turns out that the main character - the deaf, dumb and blind kid - was sexually abused - and that's what the words to the music are all about.

Tommy's creator, Peter Townshend, believes he himself was sexually abused and that TOMMY was an expression of his unconscious trauma. He suspects that internet pornography is fueling an epidemic of sexual abuse of children. In his quest for proof he visited child-porn websites and then subsequently got arrested when the police raided the viewers. This in spite of the fact that he'd alerted the authorities as to what he was doing. Below is the original article. The top are related and follow-up articles as the case proceeds.

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'I am not a pedophile,'Pete Townshend says
Rock legend caught up in British probe into online pedophilia

by Anne Marie Owens, National Post, Monday, January 13, 2003
with files from news services
CREDIT: William Snyder, Dallas Morning News

The Who's Pete Townshend, shown on the set of his rock opera Tommy in 1993, says he paid to view online child pornography as research for his autobiography. He said he believes he was sexually abused as a child.

Uncle Ernie, a pedophile played by Keith Moon in the rock opera Tommy, spent time "fiddling about, fiddling about." In the rock opera Tommy, the deaf, dumb and blind kid escapes into the world of pinball wizardry after he is molested by his Uncle Ernie. The pivotal scene is described in the song Fiddle About, which has Uncle Ernie singing lines like "Your mother left me here to mind you, Now I'm doing what I want to, Fiddling about, Fiddling about," and "Down with the bedclothes, Up with the nightshirt, Fiddle about, Fiddle about." That sequence, in one of Pete Townshend's most popular works may come to be seen as more significant now that a bizarre investigation is unfolding into why the rock star visited Web sites featuring child pornography.

The Who's emblematic lead guitarist and songwriter, who has been caught up in a massive British investigation into online pedophilia, maintains he bought child porn from one of the Web sites as research for his autobiography. "I believe I was sexually abused between the ages of five and six-and-a-half when in the care of my maternal grandmother who was mentally ill at the time," he said in a statement responding to the scandal that has erupted. "I cannot remember clearly what happened, but my creative work tends to throw up nasty shadows -- particularly in Tommy."

When the rock opera was first written in 1969, it was rare for the issue of child abuse to be addressed, particularly in such a blatant manner. That kind of approach made sense for The Who, the original anti-establishment band, and particularly Mr. Townshend, who wrote the band's best-known lyric, "Hope I die before I get old," and always described himself as "cutting edge." Now, the artist whose guitar-smashing antics became legendary is scrambling to defend his online activities.

"I am not a pedophile," he said in the statement released to reporters gathered outside his London home after a tabloid newspaper broke the story. "I have never entered chat rooms on the Internet to converse with children. I have, to the contrary, been shocked, angry and vocal about the explosion of advertised pedophilic images on the Internet." In the statement, he admits he used his credit card to enter an American site offering child porn. "I did this purely to see what was there," he explained. The dramatic revelation came in swift response to an incendiary report in Saturday's Daily Mail hinting police were investigating an unnamed multi-millionaire, legendary musician as part of Operation Ore, an ongoing inquiry into online pedophilia. The investigation, which is Britain's largest police probe of child pornography, has already resulted in raids on 1,300 homes and the arrest of 200 people, including a judge, several court magistrates, dozens of police officers and a school headmaster.

Until Mr. Townshend's bombshell admission this weekend, the most high-profile figure caught up in Operation Ore was Det. Const. Brian Stevens, the officer who investigated the schoolgirl murders of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman. He has been charged with making indecent images of children and assaulting two girls. The task force began investigating Mr. Townshend after his credit card details came up along with thousands of others discovered when U.S. authorities smashed an online child porn business run from Texas. The Internet portal allowed subscribers to access more than 6,000 child abuse Web sites, mainly based in Russia and Indonesia.

"Some of the things I have seen on the Internet have informed my book, which I hope will be published later this year," said Mr. Townshend, "and which will make clear to the public that, if I have any compulsions in this area, they are to face what is happening to young children in the world today and to try to deal openly with my anger and vengeance towards the mentally ill people who find pedophilic pornography attractive."

He insists he viewed the pay-per-view images purely for research purposes, and said the experience has inspired a personal campaign against Internet pornography. He says it has propelled him "to act as a vigilante" to help organizations working to stop this crime.

Roger Daltrey, lead singer with The Who, said he believed Townshend was innocent. "Pete was very angry about how easy it was to get hold of child pornography on the Internet. My gut instinct is that he is not a pedophile and I know him better than most." Jerry Hall, the supermodel and former wife of Mick Jagger, also defended Mr. Townshend, saying they had spoken at length in the past about the dangers of child pornography on the Internet. She issued a statement yesterday saying he had advised her on how best to protect her children from inadvertently gaining access to these kinds of Web sites. Mr. Townshend's brother also issued a statement saying the musician had informed Scotland Yard about his online findings last year, through an assistant.

This incident may end up as one of the most extraordinary moments in a life not unfamiliar with scandal. In addition to his on-stage exploits, Mr. Townshend established a reputation, along with his bandmates, for legendary drugs and drinking bouts. During the 1970s, Mr. Townshend had a three-year hiatus to recording and touring to come to terms with his demons. His bandmates have also suffered for their sins: Keith Moon, who played the Uncle Ernie character in the movie version of Tommy, died in his sleep from a drug overdose, and John Entwistle, whom Mr. Townshend commissioned to write the lyrics to Uncle Ernie's song, died from a drug-induced heart attack.

The prominence of child abuse in the Tommy plot line penned more than 30 years ago could now go a long way to supporting Mr. Townshend's claim that his illicit Internet surfing was a way of exercising his personal demons. He may have already had one stab at rehabilitating memory, when he reshaped the rock opera for Broadway in the 1990s, and softened the "wicked Uncle Ernie" character with an ending that had Tommy embracing his family and forgiving his abuser. Some critics derided the stage version for tacking on a feel-good ending.

In the real-life drama that has unfolded this week, Mr. Townshend has been criticized by those who say that even if his motives were well-intentioned, he may not be spared from justice. He could face criminal charges for viewing child pornography sites, according to those familiar with Britain's child pornography legislation. "There is no excuse for buying child porn or looking at it deliberately," said John Carr, of the Children's Charities Internet Coalition, who insisted that whatever his intention, Mr. Townshend had committed a criminal offence. "A significant proportion of people arrested and convicted of these offences say they are doing it as part of an anti-porn crusade or for research. No English court has yet accepted that defence."

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