"The rocket bombs which fall daily on London
are probably fired by the Government of Oceania itself,
'just to keep the people frightened'." ~ 1984


The April 19th, 1995 bombing of the Murrah federal building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (the "heartland") could have been a staged event meant to scare the people of the United States into accepting legislation that took away some of their basic freedoms.

It resulted in the passing of the freedom-stripping ANTI-TERRORISM BILL (April 1996) and the public execution of Timothy McVeigh (June 11, 2001).

It was a classic example of the "Order out of Chaos" theory*. Chaos (the bombing and villification of patriotic Americans) was created and Order (the Anti-Terrorism Bill and susequent law-enforcement clamp-downs on freedom-respecting citizens) was enacted. ~ Jackie Jura

OKLAHOMA CITY: DAY ONE, by Michele Moore (excerpt from book explains how the Oklahoma Bombing resulted in the freedom-stealing ANTI-TERRORISM legislation)




FREEDOM'S END - Terry Nichols' brother's book: ATF blew up Murrah building. CNN, October 8, 1997
"They have failed to prove anything. They have investigated people, but not the bombing, because all they want to do is prosecute people, not find out the truth"...

FREEDOM'S END: CONSPIRACY IN OKLAHOMA, by James D. Nichols, Robert S. Papovich. Science Daily
"Rating: 5 out of 5 stars - Fabulous book and VERY informative! This is a great book which gives a lot of information that most American's have NO IDEA. James Nichols has a great sense of humor through it all as well. It shows the INJUSTICE in this case. I highly recommend" - book review at Science Daily

Oklahoma Bombing 11th anniversay ("thought there was an earthquake") & Waco Inferno 13th Anniversary (gov't uses heavy-handed tactics). BBC, Apr 19, 1993 & 1995

Timothy McVeigh's father torn. Buffalo News, Apr 19, 2005
...The older McVeigh [William "Bill"] remains the same quiet, reticent man the world first saw on April 21, 1995, as FBI agents escorted him from his modest ranch house in Pendleton two days after the bombing. That day, the world also caught its first look at Timothy McVeigh, who glared at an angry crowd as he was taken out of Noble County Courthouse shackled and wearing a bright orange jumpsuit. ... Bill McVeigh chooses to remember the young man who was always willing to help him with home repairs or invite all the neighborhood kids over for a swim in the backyard pool when the McVeigh family was still together and lived on Meyer Road. It's as if, in Bill McVeigh's mind, the caring "Timmy" he knew as a boy lives on. "The other day, I was thinking he's going to be 37 years old soon," he said of his son's birthday, April 23. ... Bill McVeigh and Tim's mother [Mildred Hill] divorced in 1986, after splitting up years earlier when Tim was a teenager. Mildred, who has suffered three nervous breakdowns since the bombing, has lived in Florida for years... On June 11, 2001, 14 hours after the government executed his then 33-year-old son, Bill McVeigh told The Buffalo News that he felt no bitterness toward the government. Although opposed to the death penalty, the grieving father said he understood that the government did what it felt was necessary. And when the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks occurred, three months after his son's execution by lethal injection, Bill McVeigh said he was "hurt and angry. I'm an American." ... The father does not even know where his son's ashes were spread after he was cremated, following the execution at the federal prison in Terre Haute, Ind. Timothy McVeigh's final wish was that his attorneys secretly dispose of his ashes to avoid desecration of the site. "People ask me, but I don't know," Bill McVeigh said. "I wish I knew."

Terry Nichols not planning 2nd bombing. Detroit Free Press, Apr 19, 2005
Terry Nichols says there was never any plan for a second bombing on Tuesday's 10th anniversary of the Oklahoma attack. "Nor at any other time," the convicted co-conspirator wrote in a letter from federal prison in Florence, Colo. Nichols wrote the letter April 6, days after the FBI found explosive materials underneath his former home in Herington, Kan. Agents acted on information from another inmate, mobster Gregory Scarpa Jr....Scarpa told him Nichols wanted the materials found so they could not be used in a planned follow-up attack. In his letter, Nichols does not dispute reports he told the inmate the location of the explosives. "There is some truth to it. But there are also a number of fabrications and flat out lies," Nichols wrote. He wrote the inmate is lying "to make himself ... look as good as possible" to get a reduced prison sentence. "The Devil right now is twisting the truth, but we just need to be patient a little longer and allow him to play out his hand, then God will reveal the truth -- the full truth," Nichols wrote. Nichols, 50, is serving life sentences with no possibility of release for his role in the bombing of the federal building.

Friend maintains contact with Terry Nichols. Flint Journal, Apr 19, 2005
Bob Papovich co-authored a book with James Nichols about the bombing, the self-published "Freedom's End - Conspiracy in Oklahoma." The book sold about 3,000 copies and Papovich figures he still has about 2,000 copies left...Papovich, 59, long has held the belief that Nichols was framed for the bombing and is the victim of a justice system that "is not very just" and harbors strong beliefs that government is corrupt and too powerful... Nichols' father agrees that his son was framed but has his doubts that he will ever be freed. "It's going to take a damn good lawyer," said Robert Nichols...When news broke this month that investigators were searching a Kansas home for explosives because Nichols once had lived there, Hermanson [Terry Nichols' lawyer] said he had to describe the news accounts to Nichols by phone. He doesn't put too much stock in the recent Kansas search. "It was on April Fools Day," said Hermanson... An unflattering portrait in Michael Moore's Academy Award-winning "Bowling for Columbine" characterized James Nichols [Terry's brother] as a kook who conspired with his brother and McVeigh to blow up a federal building. James Nichols responded to the film by filing a $10-million defamation lawsuit against Moore. The case could go to trial this year.

Oklahoma bombing 10th anniversary (Waco bombing 12th anniversary). BBC, Apr 19, 2005

Terry Nichols convicted of state murder charges (no witnesses identified Nichols as the man who bought fertilizer or stole explosives or committed robbery). Yahoo! AP, May 26, 2004. Go to 28.Reality Control & 4.Old World Destruction



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