As part of my research into the Ministry of Propaganda, or the Ministry of Truth as Orwell called it, or MAINSTREAM MEDIA as we call it today, I cruise the telescreen channels occassionally. Admittedly, I'm also looking for something "good" to watch, but that seldom happens. That's how I stumbled upon the Larry King show and managed to catch part of his interview with a woman named Heather Mills, who recently married Paul McCartney.

I couldn't believe the things she was talking about! Aside from bragging that while growing up she hadn't heard of the Beatles, and preferred Wagner - which she pronounced with a V on the first syllable - she blurted out personal details about her family and herself that one would have thought would be too embarassing to admit. I found it hard to put a finger on exactly what was disturbing about her revelations until an article came to my attention today which hits it right on the head. It came at the end of an opinion piece commenting on the latest fad of College and University newspapers to run "Dear Abby" type columns wherein every technical aspect of sex is described in its crudest detail. ~ Jackie Jura

excerpt from Talking About Sex
by Roberto Rivera y Carlo, Boundless Webzine

"...There’s another powerful cultural force on display in these columns: what Rochelle Gurstein, in her book The Repeal of Reticence, calls the triumph of the “party of exposure” over the “party of reticence.” For most of us, “reticence” is synonymous with “inhibition” and, as such, is something we must overcome. But as Gurstein tells us, reticence — which comes from the Latin word for “to keep silent” — is simply the conviction that there are some areas of life that shouldn’t be subject to public scrutiny. Stated differently, they are no one’s business but our own.

Well, they used to be. The “party of exposure” took tact, discretion and other behavior associated with reticence and labeled them as the stuff of elitism and prudery. The result is a culture where the most intimate aspects of our lives are placed on public display and demeaned in the process. As Gurstein writes, “our public sphere, which should have displayed and preserved the grandeur and beauty of our civil ideals and moral excellences, is instead inane and vacuous when it is not utterly mean, ugly or indecent . . .” “Inane.” “Vacuous.” These also describe our ideas about sexuality, ideas we have the sexual revolution to thank for. Like Orwell’s proletarian youths, we are so pleased with our naughtiness, so delighted that we have thrown off the shackles of inhibition, that we don’t think to ask ourselves “are we really better off?”

If the stuff being peddled as “advice” is any indication, the answer is “no.” Because when you look behind all the X-rated chatter you’ll find that the problem with all this exposure is not only that you’ll let people see too much. It’s that they will discover that there isn’t anything worth seeing there in the first place."

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McCartney 'infuriated by documentary on wife'. Sydney Morning Herald, May 8, 2003
Paul McCartney has instructed his lawyers to look into a British documentary due to be broadcast overnight that depicts his wife, Heather Mills, as "a calculating gold-digger with a murky past", the Daily Mail has reported. Printing a discreet picture of Mills from her day as a glamour model alongside one taken at her 1989 wedding to Alfie Karmal, the newspaper said the Channel 4 documentary portrayed Mills as "a lying fantasist who had long planned to ensnare a rich husband". On Tuesday, the Sun tabloid newspaper printed pictures it said depicted Mills, aged 18, baring her breasts at her first glamour modelling assignment. Ross Ashley, described by the Mail as a "former plesure wife" for rich Arabs, says in the documentary that she introduced Mills, then aged 18, to a number of wealthy Lebanese businessmen. "Heather's ambition was to meet a wealthy man - whether Arab, English, Spanish, whatever would give her wealth and status," Ashley says. Karmal's sister, Donna says: "She's very destructive. She's like a praying mantis when it comes to men." Since losing a leg in an accident involving a police motorcycle in London in 1993, Mills has worked in charity, raising money for landmine victims. She met the former Beatle through her work. They married in Ireland in June last yer. His first wife, Linda, died of cancer in 1998.

Sex-talk in school newspapers (sexuality is dehumanized with no moral-spiritual-social dimension). Boundless Webzine, Oct 31, 2002. Go to 25.Prolefeed & 30.Love Instinct & Family

Jackie Jura
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