Those who see the evils of the population control movement
may be witnessing the end of an era of human civilization.
This civilization is infected with a cancer mentality
which states that
the enemy of human society are human beings.


Any such society is ultimately heading for ruin.

The War Against Population
(true agenda of eugenics & elitism behind population control movement)
by Jacqueline Kusun, 1988

book review by Peter Russo, a physics major:

When talking about books concerning culture, society, or any combination of the two, most critics will inevitably use the words "provocative and entertaining" or "thoughtful yet easy-to-read." It seems that whenever a major social concern is being addressed, the author is required to make the subject fun somehow. In "The War Against Population" by Dr. Jacqueline Kasun, Ph.D. published from Ignatius Press, the only two words that adequately describe this book are scary and mind-blowing.

In a social concern with so many books openly advocating zero (or even negative) population growth such as the famous "Population Bomb" by Paul Elrich and Earth, "Our Crowded Spaceship" by Isaac Asimov, it is hard to fathom that one, relatively short book could not only demolish their arguments completely but even show, beyond the shadow of doubt, the true agenda of eugenics and elitism behind the population control movement.

In the first two chapters, Kasun explodes the notion of overpopulation. While overpopulation has been made into an undisputed dogma in the United States, the facts, brought to the reader clearly by Kasun, show quite the contrary. For instance, world food production has actually increased from 28% to 37% from 1950 to 1977. From the popular media, many people would just conclude that the world surpassed its maximum capacity to hold human life. Kasun, quoting various experts, estimates the earth can produce basic goods for 10 to 40 billion people.

Since the earth is not in the immediate threat of overpopulation, Kasun looks for the ulterior motives in the population control agenda. She does not look to hard before she finds that the leftist elitists of American society (leftovers apparently of the social darwinists of the early 1900's) are pushing population control not for the good of society but rather for various goals including eugenics and the planned economy (rather than the free market). She finds that government encouraged sterilization and other birth control campaigns are vital to the concept of the planned economy versus the free market economy.

In the planned economy, resources have to be totally controlled thereby necessitating reproductive control on the population. Thus, she concludes that, "the drive for population control in our time is a natural outgrowth of the trend toward governmental economic and social planning."

Of course, the reader may ask, "Who is funding this agenda?" He will be surprised that the answer is the American taxpayer. This whole movement, based more on personal whims and hidden agendas than facts, is quite well-funded by the U.S. government. The U.S. government has literally spent two billion dollars of American money to the fund the population control programs in this country and in other countries as well. In addition to that expense, the U.S. has made extensive donations to the World Bank and various other United Nation organizations with the explicit intent that the money would be used to sponsor programs used to reduce the population of other countries through any means available.

Kasun painfully documents the history of the U.S. foreign policy in relation to world population control.

In the planned economy, resources have to be totally controlled thereby necessitating reproductive control on the population.

Of course, consent is an optional requirement in some of these U.S.-sponsored programs like in the case of sterilization drive in El Salvador where than 20,000 sterilizations where performed without provisions for consent.

When the people behind the programs have decided they have "blessed" other countries with their wisdom, they have plenty of ideas for the United States of America. Even our children are not safe, Planned Parenthood, Zero Population Growth, and the Population Council have spent millions of dollars to bring sex education to every public school in America. Kasun shows that, in 1978, the birth rate among U.S. teenagers was at its lowest level in almost forty years. Yet, that exact year, special legislation was instituted to help remedy the "problem" of adolescent pregnancy. This legislation was the fruit of several years of advertising and lobbying by the above-mentioned groups. However, rather than help lower the teenage pregnancy rate, pregnancy rates soared wherever sex ed programs where instituted. Of course, Planned Parenthood simply demanded more funding to help curb the birth rate through condoms, chemical birth control, and even abortion for a whole generation of young women.

In other words, their "solution" was only required after they effectively created the problem of soaring adolescent pregnancy.

Kasun does not even have to write a large commentary on the events for the facts speak for themselves. Her ability lies in presenting complicated statistical data in a way as the reader easily gets the meaning of the data. The results are nothing short of terrifying. A network of organizations funded by the federal government with the sole purpose of imposing their agenda on the world destroying any opposition in its way. Their agenda consists of controlling the population through any means necessary.

In the last two chapters, Kasun goes through the role call of organizations dedicated to curbing population. The list is pretty impressive. From the Rockefeller Foundation to the Sierra Club, the range and scope of the organizations boggles the mind. The resources at their disposal are equally impressive.

Kasun does not end the book on an up beat. Rather, she concludes that if this civilization survives, it will be only through radical shift of how the human person is viewed. However, in the final thought of the book, she can only sympathize with her reader that those who see the evils of the population control movement may be witnessing the end of an era of human civilization. To be sure, this civilization is infected with a cancer mentality which states that the enemy of human society are human beings. Any such society is ultimately heading for ruin.

excerpt from War Against Population, The Economics and Ideology of Population Control, by Dr. Jacqueline Kasun, Ph.D.

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