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Here are my findings, with sources, regarding Henry Morgentaler:

Order of Canada recipient Henry Morgentaler
is pseudo-medical fraud with only three years of medical school to his name

In his self report Henry Morgentaler lied to International Red Cross about his whereabouts after WWII ended. Henry claimed that he left Feldafing Displaced Person Camp in December of 1945, and moved to Marburg/Lahn where he stayed at UNRA students dormitory until end of 1946, and subsequently moved to Belgium from where he immigrated to Canada in February of 1950. Independent International Red Cross report places Henry Morgentaler at Feldafing Displaced Person Camp until November 28, 1946, places Henry at Marburg/Lahn until August 4, 1947 and gives January 30, 1950 as day of Henry's departure for Canada.

Abraham Morgentaler's self report to International Red Cross and independent International Red Cross report about Abraham Morgentaler match as to dates to about a month, Abraham Morgentaler left Feldafing Displaced Person Camp on June 18, 1946 and moved to Marburg/Lahn, from there he emigrated to US on August 24, 1946. It is quite obvious that when Henry Morgentaler moved from Feldafing Displaced Person Camp to Marburg/Lahn his purpose was to follow his younger brother footsteps and try to emigrate to US (Abraham Morgentaler lied to US immigration officials about his age and immigrated to US as a juvenile) via Marburg/Lahn (university town).

In her interview with John Crust in 2007 Chava Rosenfarb admits to visit to communist Poland in 1947, Michael Gawenda in his article about Bono Wiener claims that after the end of WWII Chava Rosenfarb was living with Bono Wiener in Poland for quite some time. ITS supplied list of Polish Jews living in Poland fixes Chava Rosenfarb's presence in Poland in January of 1947, and picture provided by Goldie Morgentaler showing Chava Rosenfarb and Bono Wiener in front of Monument of Heros of Ghetto Uprising in Warsow fixes Chava Rosenfarb presence in Poland as of March 1948 or later.

According to Henry Morgentaler's self report to International Red Cross he married Chava Rosenfarb in 1949 in Belgium. Given that Chava Rosenfarb returned to Belgium some time after March of 1948 it is quite unlikely that Henry Morgentaler showed up in Belgium immediately after leaving Marbur/Lahn on August 4, 1947. Henia Reinhartz in her memoir describes hard economic conditions of her family while waiting in Belgium for immigration to Canada and she never mentions anything about Henry studying medicine while in Belgium. Given Henry Morgentaler's late arrival in Belgum, his lack of language skills and lack of money it seems impossible that he was in a position to enter University of Brussels supported by his wife's family working two jobs just to stay afloat.

Henry Morgentaler arrived in Canada in February of 1950 and he graduated from University of Montreal school of Medicine in 1953. It takes six years of medical studies in order to get a medical diploma and it also took six years of medical studies in order to get a medical diploma in 1950. As far as I know Henry Morgentaler did not get a chance to finish high school in Lodz Ghetto during WWII. Since Henry lied about his studies of medicine in Germany to Heather Mallick it is more than possible that he also lied to University of Montreal officials in order to obtain academic credits for three years of medical studies he never attended.


1. Globe & Mail writer Heather Mallick article to give Morgentaler Order of Canada (original article no longer available) Why doesn't this man have the Order of Canada?, Globe & Mail, January 8, 2003 [...The small, wiry Auschwitz survivor, number 95077, is an unlikely champion of women's rights - but in the past 35 years Dr. Henry Morgentaler has never wavered in his determination to secure abortion services for Canadians. On the eve of the 15th anniversary of the Supreme Court's 1988 landmark decision, he is preparing to open clinics in the Arctic.... Born in Lodz, Poland, on March 19, 1923, Dr. Morgentaler was a Jew in a country that did not like Jews. As Catherine Dunphy wrote in her 1996 biography, Morgentaler: A Difficult Hero, he loved his parents deeply. His father, Josef, was a labour activist and a leader in the Jewish Socialist Labour Bund.... In 1944, Henry, his brother and their mother were rounded up and shipped to Auschwitz. His number isn't tattooed on his arm because, by then, the Nazis were too rushed. “But I remember my number: 95077.” Henry and his brother somehow survived the scrutiny of Josef Mengele, the notorious Nazi torturer, on the train platform, and were allowed to remain alive to work. They never saw their mother again. His older sister, Ghitel, who was living in Warsaw, was to die in Treblinka. The young Morgentaler, just out of Auschwitz, was a fragile creature weighing 70 pounds. He had lost all his teeth in the camp. But he revelled in his survival rather than being stunned by it. The United Nations was offering scholarships at German universities to Jewish survivors; to his family's horror, he accepted one so he could attend medical school. He endured a year with a hostile German family that was forced to house him under the new regime. He refused to go to Israel, believing that Zionism was just creating another ghetto for Jews, and continued his medical studies in Brussels. Thanks to a cousin, he and his then-wife Chava, whom he had known since childhood, were able to set sail for the “new world” in 1950. They chose Montreal. Yes, he encountered anti-Semitism at the Université de Montréal, but this was nothing new. He decided not to join the Jewish General Hospital, where other Jewish doctors congregated, and he did not specialize. He liked his patients and chose to become a general practitioner....]

2. Documents provided by International Tracing Service: Henry Morgentaler's self report sent to International Red Cross in December 1963, independent International Red Cross report re: Henry Morgentaler from October 1953, Abraham Morgentaler's (Henry's younger brother) self report sent to International Red Cross in September 1953, independent International Red Cross report re: Abraham Morgentaler from March 1958, various documents from Dachau Concentration Camp re: Henry and Abraham Morgentaler, Polish document - list of Polish Jews living in Poland as of January 1947 showing that Chava Rosenfarb (Henry's ex-wife) was at that time registered as living in Walbrzych Poland, document showing that Chava Rosenfarb (Henry's ex-wife) was attempting to immigrate to US - no date

3. Henia Reinhartz (Henry's former sister-in-law) memoir

4. Goldie Morgentaler (Henry's daughter): Biography of her mother Chava Rosenfarb (Henry's ex-wife) showing that Henry allegedly graduated from U of Montreal in 1956; more recent biography of her mother Chava Rosenfarb; family photos

5. John Crust; interview with Chava Rosenfarb

6. Michael Gawenda's articles about love affair between Bono Wiener and Chava Rosenfarb

7. Wikipedia: Monument that Bono Wiener and Chava Rosenfarb (Morgentaler's ex-wife) stands in front of in a picture supplied by Goldie Morgentaler was erected and unveiled in Warsaw in March 1948

8. CPSO website showing Morgentaler's year of graduation from U of Montreal as 1953


Greetings Karol,

Thanks for the interesting info on Morgentaler -- a psuedo-medical fraudster practising pseudo-medicine fraud -- his treatment always results in harm and death.

Quackery is a derogatory term used to describe the promotion of unproven or fraudulent medical practices. Random House Dictionary describes a "quack" as a "fraudulent or ignorant pretender to medical skill" or "a person who pretends, professionally or publicly, to have skill, knowledge, or qualifications he or she does not possess; a charlatan". The word "quack" derives from the archaic word "quacksalver", of Dutch origin (spelled kwakzalver in contemporary Dutch), literally meaning "hawker of salve". In the Middle Ages the word quack meant "shouting". The quacksalvers sold their wares on the market shouting in a loud voice. "Health fraud" is often used as a synonym for quackery, but quackery's salient characteristic is aggressive promotion ("quacks quack!") rather than fraud, greed or misinformation. "Pseudo-medicine" is a term for treatments known to be ineffective, regardless of whether their advocates themselves believe in their effectiveness....

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PS - Your email came at good timing with stories this week focusing on the sub-survival low birthrate in North America (caused in large part by Morgentaler and his fellow abortionists):

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