"'The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain.'"


"'And where's that soggy plain?'"

To Orwell Today,

Hi Jackie,

Yeh weather in the UK is really bad as your article states, but a great deal of the problem of flooding is caused by poor water pipe maintenance by the water companies and the continual building of homes on unsuitable ground. Here in Dorset, which has had little rain compared to elsewhere in the UK, the authorities built a huge housing estate on land which I knew as bog land and was called Waterloo. This has happened throughout the country. Matters are made worse by governments encouraging mass immigration.

A BBC programme yesterday, "Panorama", showed how figures are totally underestimated of the numbers of people immigrating to the UK in recent years. Now councils are under pressure to build anywhere, to the stupidness of good bungalows being demolished to build flats and more flats etc. It's all about money.

Have a good day,
Ray Wills

Greetings Raymond,

Yes, some of the severe flooding can probably be attributed to deforestation, silt in rivers, building massive suburbs on flood plain etc but the rain that is coming down from the sky is record-breaking as well - and this on top of previous wild weather in England, ie drought when there should be rain and snow, and rain and snow when there should be sun.

The effect this weird weather (weaponized weather) is having on the food supply of England (and all other countries experiencing their own versions of weather chaos) is seldom discussed. Sometimes they'll talk of "compensation to farmers" for lost crops but seldom do the "talking heads" discuss the loss in terms of "food".

An article in the BBC today exhorts people not to expect that the torrential downpour and water all over the ground will fill the water reservoirs depleted by last winter's drought and then in the same breath shows a graph of them all full above normal. It's gobbeldy-gook.

However (admitted by their statistics), the rainfall this summer in England is record-breaking. The figures are in millimeters (which means nothing to me as I think in inches - like Orwell) so I've done the calculations [in square brackets] quoted in their article.

"...June was the wettest on record in the UK, and July is also heading that way. Rainfall in much of Yorkshire was more than three times its normal total in June. Some parts of the county registered more than four times the norm. At 134.5mm [5 1/4 inches], the UK monthly total beat the previous June record, set in 1980, by more than 13mm [1/2 inch]. July's totals are also heading towards records, with Wales already having double its long-term average rainfall for the month. And with May's totals also well above average in most parts of the UK, the early part of the summer has become a statistician's delight - and many householders' nightmare. An average August rainfall in England and Wales would make it officially the wettest summer since records began in 1914...."

The point I'm trying to make (in response to your comment that the flooding is caused by other factors) is that - all things being equal - the UK rainfall this summer is extreme.

All the best,
Jackie Jura


Where has all the water gone? (England & Wales are experiencing one of the wettest summers on record, but some of the UK's reservoirs & underground reserves are still not full). BBC, Jul 24, 2007

China pollution hitting America (causing weather chaos) & UK flooding worst in history (rivers 20-ft higher than normal) & Europe heatwave sizzling forests & farms (Austria, Greece, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Slovakia, Bulgaria). Express/WSJ/WashP, Jul 23, 2007

USA HANDS USSR SPACE STATION (...I came across an article about how Russia has the technology to manipulate weather. During the Cold War they were working on ways to send torrential rains to America to destroy our wheat crop. I ripped out the article and when I got home filed it in my bulging "weather" folder...See USSR USES WEAPONIZED WEATHER)


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