To Orwell Today,


My mother and I (indeed the whole family) were surprised to discover that you reprinted the article she wrote on her childhood friend, the horse named Bob: A HORSE, NOT DOG, MAN'S BEST FRIEND.

We recently discovered a photo of Bob, ridden by Enid at age 8, taken in 1936.


I've enclosed it FYI; you may post it as an illustration on the web page if you like.

Eric Damer

Greetings Eric,

It's great to hear you've discovered the article your mother wrote -- which I came across and posted on the website eight years ago -- 2004 to 2012.

Thanks for sending the photo which I've just now added to her story about Bob.

Here's a photo of my grandmother on her horse on the farm in Alberta around 1925, which I wrote about in GRANDPARENT'S HORSES & HOMESTEAD.


Just the other day, a reader wrote in saying she'd come across the poem my grandmother used to always recite, and which I'd written about. See 4 BLUE WILLOW DISHES POEMS

It's wonderful how the worldwideweb reaches out across the miles -- and the years -- and helps connect people to past, present, and future generations.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

Jackie Jura
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