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Here is a blurb I wrote for a little radio show, Point-Counterpoint, up here in Northern California, where I, the Conservative HERO, debate an arch-liberal lawyer, the FOE:

Topic: On May 1, 10 more countries, mainly former Communist bloc Eastern Europeans, became members of the European Union. Should the U.S. be concerned about the United States of Europe?

My blurb that will reach perhaps 20,000 people: You know, the more I hear of the EU, the European Union, the more I hearken back to the book, 1984, where George Orwell wrote of three major superpowers, Oceania, Eurasia, and Eastasia, which were always in some sort of conflict with each other, which served the purposes of their leaders keeping everyone under such tight control that there was absolutely no privacy of any kind. Now I don't know if this will happen just as he predicted, but Orwell had uncanny foresight and a deep knowledge of human nature and men's quest for power. What Orwell did not foresee was the spread of information though such things as the Internet, so when government starts regulation we really need to make sure the controls are what the people want and not what the government manipulates the people into wanting. I'm Dr. Joe, and look up the website, www dot orwelltoday dot com.

-Dr Joe Busey

Dear Dr Joe,

Thanks for mentioning Orwell Today on your talk about the three superpowers which you explained very well. I also liked how you described Orwell as having uncanny foresight and a deep knowledge of human nature and men's quest for power. That is so true.

But regarding your comment that Orwell didn't foresee the internet, I discovered this past summer, after reading the ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPT OF 1984, that Orwell DID describe something like the internet. But for some reason the passage was edited out in the published version. Go to ORWELL DESCRIBED INTERNET IN 1984.

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Jackie Jura

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