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Do you know the page reference for the following quote you use (from Robert Kennedy: His Life, by Evan Thomas):

"The Kennedy's found inspiration in Lord Tweedsmuir's description of statesmen who were 'debonair and brilliant and brave'--and died young in battle--who 'held to the old cavalier grace and wherever romance called...followed with careless gallantry'. Two hours before he was shot to death in 1968, Robert Kennedy quoted Lord Tweedsmuir to a gaggle of newsmen standing outside his hotel suite in Los Angeles. 'I like politics. It's an honorable adventure,' Kennedy said. 'That was Lord Tweedsmuir. Does anybody here know who he was?' The half-dozen reporters looked back in baffled silence."

I have tried to find it but have had no success.

Many thanks
David Simmons B.A. M.A.

Greetings David,

Yes, that reference about Bobby quoting Lord Tweedsmuir (aka John Buchan, author of JFK's favourite book, Piligrim's Way) is found on page 40 of Robert Kennedy: His Life by Evan Thomas.

Isn't it amazing that Bobby mentioned Lord Tweedsmuir - who wrote about "brilliant and brave statesmen who died young" - just two hours before he himself - a briliant and brave statesman - died young, as had his brother five years before. What is your particular interest in that quote?

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